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They’re indispensable, durable, gorgeous, and completely cruelty free. This year, gift your friends with Supervek wallets.

Supervek Check Noise Wallet

Made of Tyvek® and available in a variety of styles and a wide range of eyecatching designs, these vegan wallets are strong, lightweight, and resistant to aging (wish we could say the same about ourselves!), and they’re also 100% recyclable. Browse fun, colorful designs — from classic Van Gogh motifs to cool abstract geometrics to edgy urban mural styles. They’re compact, slim, and priced to collect. Your cash and cards will thank you.

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Satyadeep Singh, M.S. Computer Information Systems, ‘17, founder and owner

Not only insanely strong, lightweight, and aging-resistant, they’re also 100 percent recyclable. Featuring a stitch-free design, they are flexible, conform to the body with wearing, and have an adjustable pocket that holds more than you’d expect. Choose from the original Superwallet, a classic wallet, a travel version, and a superslim version.

Satyadeep’s inspiration for his business: My team and I were inspired by Millennials – by their lifestyle, divergence, unpredictability, and bravery. We believe in the freedom of expression: in asserting our thoughts, ideas, and choices. We at Supervek believe that expressing one’s view has the power to change perspectives – and eventually the world.

How Saint Rose helped Satyadeep’s career: As a CIS graduate, I have learned a lot both in the classroom, as well as through the different internship opportunities I experienced during my time at Saint Rose. I strongly believe Saint Rose has given me the competitive edge as a programmer to help my company compete in the online e-commerce space.