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Students March on Poverty

The Office of Spiritual Life is committed to the pursuit of Social Justice; working for more just communities and a more just world.

You are welcome to participate and increase your awareness about social justice concerns on the local, national and global levels. We hope you will use this information to find out what you are passionate about and to use your energy to improve some part of the world around us.

Social Justice concerns might include: poverty, homelessness, hunger, climate change, immigration and refugees, mass incarceration, racism, fair trade, able-ism, sexism and more. What’s your passion?

If you have an interest that you would like to pursue, please contact Joan Horgan in the Office of Spiritual Life and let us work with you to give shape to how you will use your life to make a difference.

Poverty Simulation

We can read about poverty. We can study poverty. We can talk about poverty but here is a chance to get inside of the experience of those living below the poverty line. All are welcome to Poverty Simulation where you will get inside the lives of the men, women, children and senior citizens who fight to make ends meet.

This is an exceptional opportunity for those going into careers in business, in education, in social work and any career field where you will be working with people who are fighting economic challenges on a daily basis. Certificates will be available for those who participate and a number of faculty will be offering course credit.

Years of past student participants have validated the life-changing nature of this program and what it had to offer them for their future careers and academic pursuits. A few hours of your time will have a huge impact on your life.

This year, the Poverty Simulation will be coming back to campus on Tuesday, November 7th from 12:30-3:30 pm!

IMMERSION Trips addressing poverty and homelessness

March 4-9, 2023 Spring Break 

What are the causes of homelessness? Who is homeless and why?  Why are so many veterans homeless? What can we DO about it?

Come together with students, faculty and administrators from the College on an immersion trip exploring the answers to these questions and letting your life be impacted by service, education and advocacy. This trip sponsored by our campus is an amazing opportunity to find your purpose and to discover a community of like-minded friends who are fighting alongside you to make the world a better place for all people.

For more information: Visit the Washington D.C. Immersion Trip page or contact Joan Horgan at

Poor People’s CampaignPoor People's Campaign Logo

The Poor People’s Campaign is rekindling the movement fifty years after it was first conceived by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to raise up the voices of those living in poverty. This national endeavor is an ongoing effort to raise awareness and create change for and with people living below the poverty line.

The College of Saint Rose will be connecting with their efforts throughout the year.

"Everybody can be great because anybody can serve."-Martin Luther King, Jr.