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At Saint Rose, international students find support, activities, and services at The Center for International Programs. We not only host events for international students but also help them make the adjustments—linguistic, cultural, educational, or personal—that often come with learning and living in a different culture.

The Center is also the on-campus clearinghouse for information regarding F-1 visa status. We inform students of their responsibilities to comply with U.S. federal regulations, including:

  • Meeting with the College’s Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) at the beginning of each semester for registration in SEVIS, the Student Exchange Visitor Program information system.
  • Following correct procedures for students who are transferring, changing academic goals or majors, considering concurrent enrollment at another college or university, or extending or shortening their program. The PDSO must be kept informed of all such changes.

I like the personal relationships I am able to forge with my professors. The classrooms are engaging, with intellectually challenging material that is taught in a creative manner.

From Bahrain, Rohit is a member of the International Student Organization, member of the American Marketing Association, and a residence life RA.

Rohit Ahuja

Rohit Ahuja

Business Administration Class of 2018