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Saint Rose has a campus-wide poster policy, which must be followed when posting flyers, posters, or announcements. There is ample bulletin board space in all campus buildings, and thus all printed material must be posted on bulletin boards only.

Material authorized for posting will be limited to that which complements the mission of the College, reflects a responsible expression of an opinion or idea, and will not result in a disruption or interference with the orderly operation of the College. In addition, posters whose content is deemed libelous, to have negative stereotypes or graphics or otherwise excessively vulgar may be removed and the organization responsible for the poster may be deemed in violation of the poster policy and subject to penalty. Subject to the foregoing, all decisions by the Office of Student Development to approve or disapprove posted materials shall final.

All posters must adhere to the College’s copyright policy. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Development before making and printing posters.


Posters will be approved that promote College, or Community events and programs.

  • Due to space limitations, only one flyer/poster per general posting bulletin board is allowed.
  • The Student Development staff will only take 3 posters per event.  We take two posters that are 8.5”x11” and one that is 11”x17” or smaller.
  • “Sweeps” are to place on the table at the entrance in the dining hall. The document is in landscape, and the approximate the size is a ¼ sheet of regular 8 1/2”x11” paper.
  • Students who are looking to advertise within the Residence Halls, must bring all posters to the Office of Residence Life for approval. Area Coordinators will then distribute the posters to the appropriate Resident Assistant of that hall to post in the building.
  • The hanging of “sweeps” in a residence hall must be approved by the Area Coordinator of that hall. Sweeps must be taped to individual doors, and NOT left on the floor or placed under doors.
  • With proper and advance notice, special permission will be granted for banners, etc., for special campus events. In order to be granted permission, please contact Student Development at
  • In order to approve movie/documentary flyers, Student Development must receive a copy of the rights or permissions. If the movie is being broadcast from Kanopy or another free source, the source needs to be verified.


  • For Rent posters are not permitted. Students and landlords are all encouraged to use the website:
  • Posters advertising jobs are not permitted.  Please contact the Career Center to have your job added to their database. Their office number is 518-454-5141.
  • Posters cannot advertise drugs or alcohol.
  • No posters may be hung outside on trees, lamp poles, bathroom stalls etc.
  • General flyers should not be hung on bulletin boards specifically designated for departments, specialty items, etc.
  • Nobody is permitted to hang a sign over another flyer.

Flyers/posters are ONLY allowed to be hung on bulletin boards. They are not allowed to be hung on glass doors, walls, windows, pillars or in any other location. It is against Fire Code Regulations.

  • The bulletin board in the Dining Hall is managed by the Student Association. Posters must be approved by their office for that specific location.
  • The Events of the Week Bulletin Board is located outside of Camelot across from Starbucks. Only events that are taking place that week will be allowed on that board.
  • Flyers posted in the Neil Hellman Library should be dropped off at the circulation desk. The library staff will then post them.
  • Flyers for the Events and Athletics Center and Albertus Hall must be dropped off in the Student Development Office.

These people are responsible for coordinating a weekly review of all bulletin boards in their buildings and removing outdated and unapproved flyers/posters. They also give special permission for larger posters in their buildings.

  • Neil Hellman Library – Library Director
  • Lally School of Education – Asst. to the Dean’s Office
  • Massry Center – Department Chair
  • Hearst Center for Communications and Interactive Media – Department Chair
  • 1st Floor EAC and Albertus – Student Development
  • Residence Halls – Residence Life

This poster policy will be distributed to the Saint Rose community at the beginning of each academic year and available on the Saint Rose website.

Those that fail to comply will be subject to a penalty and have their posters taken down immediately.


  • A poster is defined as a flyer, notice, or other material that is intended to disseminate information to the campus community.
  • An active poster is defined as a poster that lists an event which has not yet occurred or a poster that has no effective event date.
  • A bulletin board location is defined as any bulletin board or set of adjacent bulletin boards for which Student Development is responsible