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Saint Rose Summer SessionsHave you fallen a bit behind? Or, do you want to get ahead? We have a catalog of summer classes you can take to meet your needs. Choose from in-person or online options offered throughout the summer months.

BONUS: Pay only $485 per credit for summer undergraduate courses. Summer graduate courses are $863 per credit.

Summer schedule:

  • Summer Immersion: May 15 through June 2, 2023
  • Summer I (6 weeks): May 22 through June 30, 2023
  • Summer I (12 weeks): May 22 through August 11, 2023
  • Summer II: July 3 through August 11, 2023

How to register: Registration

View Session Courses: (Select Summer Session from dropdown search options) Undergraduate Courses

Summer Classes through the Acadeum Consortium

Saint Rose is now part of a consortium that allows students to take fully online classes from other colleges/universities that have been pre-approved. These courses will show up on the Saint Rose transcript, be part of the Saint Rose cumulative GPA and are part of the Saint Rose bill. Students are charged Saint Rose summer tuition prices. Students will not have to apply for admission to the other college/university or have a transcript through them.

To see a list of pre-approved classes, please use the following link: View pre-approved summer classes.

Students will need to create an account in order to view the course listings. To request enrollment in a class, simply click “Enroll” for the preferred class. The request will go to the Registrar from the other college/university and to the Registrar at Saint Rose who will both need to approve the request. Once approved, the student will be notified.

7 Reasons to Take Summer Courses at Saint Rose

  1. You would like to improve your cumulative GPA. Remember, if you take a course off-campus only the credit transfers and not the grade. The only way to improve your Saint Rose GPA is to take classes here – especially if you would like to replace a grade.
  2. You believe you may be behind in your degree requirements (at least 30 credits should be earned each year).
  3. You are trying to improve your class standing for financial aid purposes…one credit can make a big difference! Stafford loan amounts are determined by the number of earned credits. See the chart below:
    • 0-29 earned credits= up to $5,500 per year as a dependant
    • 30-59 earned credits= up to $6,500 per year as a dependant
    • 60+ earned credits= up to $7,500 per year as a dependant
  4. Pell-eligible students might receive additional Pell funding by taking six or more credits over the summer at Saint Rose.
  5. You are trying to graduate early.
  6. Summer courses are discounted. Pay only $485 per credit as an undergraduate student.
  7. You’re trying to lighten your credit load in the fall if you are scheduled to take a particularly demanding course.

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