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The work goes on: Faculty-alumni partnerships produce research and collaborations with lasting impact

Karen McGrath and Regina Luttrell G'07, once Saint Rose professor and student and now colleagues, knew there was more to the young people they were seeing than cellphone-wielding slackers who tended to be loose with deadlines. They found the behavior intriguing.

"We were sitting at a red light talking about it," recalls Luttrell, now a dean at Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications. "I was saying, 'We should write a book on these millennials and how they are raised.'"

"I said, 'Sure!'" adds McGrath, a Saint Rose professor of communications and department chair. "I like to say we went from red light to green light."

Their bond has led to three books and a strong contribution to understanding the generational divide. Other Saint Rose faculty-alumni teams are making inroads in science research, communication disorders, education, business, and English. We introduce you to three collaborations.

Teachers graduated and counting

This academic year, we put out a call to all of our Thelma P. Lally School of Education alumni who are working in schools to let us know if they'd like to receive a Saint Rose "care package." We recognize the pandemic made the business of teaching and learning challenging, and it was important to us to celebrate our classroom heroes.

We had 1,500 packages, which included a "Saint Rose Made" T-shirt and Saint Rose pennant magnet, which were quickly snapped up. The giveaway was so successful that we hope to do it again in the near future.

Explore our Class Notes now to get the latest updates on the personal and professional achievements of our alumni.

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