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We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of finishing your degree. If you left Saint Rose because of a family issue, financial difficulties, or any other reason, we want you to know that you can always return HOME. Our Division of Development can help you get back on track to complete your studies and have your day in the sun at Commencement.

Crystal Plowinske receives her degree at Commencement in 2018.

How to get started

The Division of Student Development is happy to speak with you about returning to Saint Rose. Or, you can get started with some simple steps toward your return.

Step 1: Email, and let us know that you are planning to return.

Step 2: Complete the resumption of study form and then fax or email the form to the Academic Advising office at 518-454-2870 or An Academic Advisor/Counselor will contact you and help you select the courses you need to graduate.

Step 3: Contact Financial Aid by reaching out to Steve Dwire at 518-337-4915 or to determine how to arrange funding.

Did you have academic troubles at Saint Rose that led to dismissal?

Your first step would be contacting the Dean of your school to appeal the dismissal. Student Success can assist you with contact information.

Do you want to speak with someone from Student Development?

Give us a call at 518.454.5170 or email us at

Meet graduates who re-started their Saint Rose education


Crystal Plowinske ’18

Crystal Plowinske special education major
Crystal Plowinske, an aspiring teacher, started at Saint Rose in 2010 as a transfer student from Hudson Valley Community College. She left the following year when her mother died of cancer, and she was unable to student teach. She wasn’t sure she’d ever return.

She did come back in 2017 – at 33 and a new mother. Today, she is excited by the opportunity to tackle the work-life balance, once she is in the classroom full time. Plowinske believes being an older student helped her appreciate the opportunity more.

Learn more about Crystal’s story in this video.


Mark W. Jones Jr. ’17

Mark W. Jones Jr.
Mark W. Jones Jr. was one exam away from earning his bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Saint Rose when he left the College in 2014, and the decision to stop his studies nagged him in the years that followed. Until he got an email, much like the one you’re reading now.

“I always put myself down and was very upset with not being successful with my comprehensive exam while at Saint Rose,” Jones says. “I always said I will go back, but time got the best of me.”

One day, Jones received an email urging him to resume his studies at Saint Rose, and then, he says, he saw one of his former psychology professors at the grocery store, who told him she really wanted to see him finish his degree.

So three years after he left Saint Rose, Jones came back and finished what he started with the help of one of his psychology professors, who met with him weekly to help him get ready for the exam he needed to pass to graduate. Today, he’s continuing his education by studying to become a nurse at Memorial College of Nursing. His long-term goal is to utilize his degrees in psychology and nursing and enter a master’s degree program that would prepare him to become a Family Nurse Practitioner with a dual certification in Psychiatry.