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Norman McAfee '17

M.S. Ed. Adolescence Education

SGM (Ret) U.S. Army

History Teacher at La Salle Institute, Troy NY

“I always told my soldiers, ‘You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from. Teaching offers me a venue to serve my community, after serving my country.”

Alicia Seda '18

M.S. Business Analytics

Captain U.S. Army (Ret)

Living Life, Traveling the World

“The transition from military to civilian has literally turned my world upside down, but Saint Rose gave me something I wouldn’t have otherwise had – consistency – in a time where everything else was changing for me. I was able to say ‘I am a full-time student at The College of Saint Rose.’ And the more I said it out loud, the easier it was to shed pieces of my old identity in the military and start to think of myself as a something other than, ‘CPT Seda, U.S. Army.’ I needed that.

My transition was smooth because, in my world of variables, I had one constant, one last mission to accomplish – get a M.S. degree at Saint Rose, and it just felt like everyone, from the registrar to secretaries, deans down to the security guards, were all conspiring to help me graduate and accomplish my mission.”

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Josh Terry '16

B.S. Graphic Design

USMC Reserves

Graphic designer at T Brand Studio, The New York Times’ Internal brand-content and Ad Agency

“What sets us apart from other students are life experience and professional qualities. I can usually tell a vet from a civilian just by seeing them interact on campus. We are so used to the regimentation, brotherhood, and structure of the military, so when we get here it’s easy to feel alone.

Luckily, we have the Student Veterans Association, which is very convenient especially when you have something on your heart or mind that you need to talk about with a fellow vet.”

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Vince Soldani '13 G'16

B.S. Criminal Justice, Behavior, and Law

U.S. Navy, Veteran

Operational Support Technician for the Federal Bureau of Investigation

“Once I got to Saint Rose I had a different attitude. I wanted to own what I did and share what I learned in the military. When I got accepted into the FBI, everything paid off. I got my masters for my dream job waiting for me.”

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Shawn Sutton '17, Expected G'18

B.S. Biology

USMC, Veteran

Research Technician at the Neural Stem Cell Institute.

“I don’t think I would have been as successful if some of the programs hadn’t been here, especially the Veteran Center. I am very grateful for Saint Rose’s continuous efforts to reach a benchmark standard for what a military-friendly school should be.”

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Anduena Cake-Squires ’03, G’05

M.B.A. History/Political Science

U.S. Air Force, New York Air National Guard.

National Guard Regional Medical Plans Officer, FEMA Region II

“My Saint Rose experience was one I will treasure forever. The sense of community at Saint Rose was felt at all levels. I was able to find mentorship not only from the faculty but from administrators and staff as well.

The Academic Opportunity Experience office was my home away from home. They were there to not only help us navigate our way academically but also to support us through hardships and ensure we were ready to face the real world after graduation.”

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William Price III ’13 G’ 14

B.S. Business Administration; MBA

USMC (Ret)

Chief Operating Officer, StemCultures LLC, Rensselaer, NY

“Saint Rose afforded me a great learning experience, letting me effectively utilize my GI Bill and the College’s Yellow Ribbon Program to pursue college tuition free. Through their cooperation with the VA, I not only obtained my undergraduate degree in business but got my MBA.

I highly recommend that veterans maximize their GI Bill at Saint Rose. Being “military friendly” is more than just a slogan to the college; they are taking real steps to make sure vets are successful members of the community.”

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