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Saint Rose Students Engaged Learning

The Academic Opportunity Experience (AOE) Program seeks to assist students to challenge themselves to excel academically, socially, intellectually and spiritually. It is our goal that students partner with us throughout the years to achieve an ever greater capacity for self-reliance and self-responsibility. Together, we create the tools necessary to build their personal character and become greater contributors to the campus and the world.

AOE First-Year Launch 2023

AOE FIRST-YEAR LAUNCH 2023 will be held August 18 through August 25.

AOE Virtual Information Session

The History of the AOE Program

The Academic Opportunity Experience (AOE) Program was established by The College of Saint Rose based on the success of the New York State Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program. The AOE Program is designed to admit students to the College who demonstrate a high potential for success yet are inadmissible under the College’s general admission criteria. For over 25 years the AOE Program at The College of Saint Rose has partnered with hundreds of students providing supportive services and advocacy, leading to the completion of a college degree for students who may have believed this goal was otherwise beyond their reach.

What is the AOE Program?

The Academic Opportunity Experience (AOE) Program sponsored by The College of Saint Rose is a supportive services program designed to admit first-time freshman undergraduate students and to provide academic support throughout their careers at the College.

AOE Student Services

Students who are accepted to the College through the Academic Opportunity Experience (AOE) Program receive the following supportive services:

  • AOE Transition Experience – During the AOE First Year Launch, students participate in academic workshops, tutoring sessions, and related activities to support their adjustment to Saint Rose.
  • Tutoring – AOE students receive tutoring at no additional cost throughout their time at Saint Rose. Depending on need and availability, tutoring takes place individually or in groups through the Academic Success Center.
  • Academic Counseling – Students are assigned an Academic Counselor to assist them throughout their college career. The counselor arranges referrals to personal, career, and financial counseling as needed. Students who self-identify with a documented disability must register with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities for each semester to receive accommodations in their courses.
  • Programs and Workshops – AOE students attend educational workshops and social programs on a variety of topics.