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Our Saint Rose admissions counselors are ready to help you, and there’s someone who specializes in every area of the United States. Find your counselor below:

Our Admissions Team

What I love about Saint Rose: The campus has a unique look and real community feel; everyone smiles and holds the door open for people behind them.

Areas of Recruitment: New York’s Capital Region (10 counties around Albany, NY)
Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming
Nursing Program

Phone: 518.454.2045


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I have worked in several areas of education since finishing my degrees. I have been working one-on-one with students since 2005 and also have experience working in museums interpreting history for the public. I have spent the past four years working as a special education teacher for a foster care agency.

What I love about Saint Rose: I love the mission of Saint Rose. It feels good to be part of a higher education setting that will mold the confident, creative, and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

Area of Recruitment: Central and Western New York, including the Southern Tier and North Country, and North Carolina, and South Carolina
Music recruitment liaison

Phone: 518.485.3383


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What I love about Saint Rose: I work at Saint Rose because I really believe in our product, it’s easy for me to chat with prospective students and tell them about our college and hope that it will be a match for them. We offer a variety of programs with faculty and staff that care.

Territory: Capital Region Community Colleges

Phone: 518.454.5153


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What I love about Saint Rose: I love the small college atmosphere. The staff and administrators are very supportive and motivational. It is a great place to grow and to achieve greatness!

Area of Recruitment: Mid-Hudson Valley, New York
Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada
Academic Opportunity Experience recruiter
Athletic liaison

Phone: 519.458.5420


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What I love about Saint Rose: Growing up in the Capital Region, Saint Rose has always been a familiar place for me, getting to combine my love for the area and my love of helping students find their HOME away from home at Saint Rose is something that I find extremely fulfilling!

Area of Recruitment:
New England: (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont) and Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Missouri
Nursing Program liaison
Music liaison


Phone: 518.454.5150


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What I love about Saint Rose: I’m very passionate about helping students find their HOME away from home and extremely motivated to help them along their educational journey. The students of this world are the people of our future and if I can play even a small role in helping them find the right space to achieve their dreams, I would be happy!

Area of Recruitment:
Queens and Long Island, New York

Phone: 518.454.5150


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