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Our Saint Rose admissions counselors are ready to help you, and there’s someone who specializes in every area of the United States. Find your counselor below:

Our Admissions Team

Why do you work at Saint Rose: I have always had a desire to pursue a career in higher education.

Territory: Capital Region Community Colleges

Cell Phone: 518.478.5005


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What I love about Saint Rose: I fully believe in the foundation The College of Saint Rose is grounded on. I’m proud to be a part of a community who cares and strives to inspire the next generation!

Area of Recruitment: New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Phone: 518.454.5155


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I love Saint Rose because: I love Saint Rose because it allowed me to obtain my business degree part-time with the flexibility due to my full-time job but also the smaller class sizes.

Advice to new students: I believe your college experience encompasses more than academics and education. One of my favorite aspects of college life was getting to know my classmates with the variety of student groups, clubs, athletics and professional organizations within my field. After graduation, one of the very first things I did whether working in NYC or Los Angeles, was to become part of professional organizations and other social groups.

Phone: 518.949.5606


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What I love about Saint Rose: I work at Saint Rose because I love the amazing community of faculty and staff. Having been a graduate of Saint Rose, It feels good to give back to a place that has helped mold me to be the person I am today. I have a deep appreciation and respect for the colleges mission and its desire to create lasting connections with anyone that comes through the doors.

Phone: 518.454.5154


Instagram: @marissa_at_strose

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Why do you work at Saint Rose: To make a positive impact on the institution that has positively impacted me.

Phone: 518.458.5471


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What I love about Saint Rose: I love the small college atmosphere. The staff and administrators are very supportive and motivational. It is a great place to grow and to achieve greatness!

Area of Recruitment: Mid-Hudson Valley, New York

Phone: 518.458.5420


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Why do you work at Saint Rose: I work at Saint Rose because it is part of being a family. Everyone is welcoming and amicable. It is a great and accepting place where I am able to grow professionally.

Phone: 518.949.9007


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I Love Saint Rose Because: There’s so many opportunities here to get out and do things, there’s never a dull moment here.

Advice for new students: Don’t be afraid to get out and try new things in college, you never know what might end up interesting you.

Phone: 518.458.5427


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Why do you work at Saint Rose: I enjoy meeting new students and helping them understand why Saint Rose is the college for them!

Area of Recruitment: West New York and North Country

Phone: 518.948.5291


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What I love about Saint Rose: I’m very passionate about helping students find their HOME away from home and extremely motivated to help them along their educational journey. The students of this world are the people of our future and if I can play even a small role in helping them find the right space to achieve their dreams, I would be happy!

Area of Recruitment:
Albany County and Western States

Phone: 518.458.5432


Instagram: @jordyn_at_strose

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