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We are equipped to facilitate all facets of resistance and cardio training for the athlete as well as the exercise enthusiast. Our central location, in the Events and Athletics Center, is convenient for students, faculty and staff.

How do I become a member of the Fitness Center?

Membership to the Fitness Center is mandatory for usage and participation. You can follow the steps below to become a member:

How to sign the Fitness Center Waiver & Release

  1. Log onto ( then
  2. Login to Secure Area which will bring you to the
  3. User Login Page (login to secure site with your user ID and Pin)
  4. Click on the “Personal Information” tab, then
  5. Click on the “Training Certification, Health Certification and Waiver and Release” link.
  6. This will display the terms of the Release and a button at the end of the document that reads “I accept”. When you “accept”, it will store the date and validate your usage of the Fitness Center.

It is important to note that until these steps are completed, your I.D. card (although valid in other areas of the campus) will be rendered “INVALID” when swiped at the Fitness Center. The I.D. card swipe system will keep a record of all users. (minimum 28 days)

Cleaning Requirements

  • There can be no sharing of equipment, without cleaning and disinfecting between use.
  • Any equipment that is handled must be sprayed and wiped down by the user after use.
  • There will be spray bottles, hand sanitizer, and paper towels available in the fitness center.

The fitness center will be thoroughly cleaned by the College’s maintenance staff on a daily basis, and will include use of an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer by the third shift.

No Spotting

  • Exercises that require spotting are prohibited.
  • Desk attendants are available for emergency weight assistance only.

Hand Washing Policy

  • Before entering the weight room, you must thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water in the 1st floor or 2nd floor public restroom of the EAC.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the fitness center.

Personal Item Policy

  • Users may bring a personal water bottle, towel, cell phone, ID card, and any needed personal medical device.
  • Other personal belongings will not be allowed in or outside of the fitness center.

This plan will be made available at the fitness center desk at all times.

Any individual who does not follow these policies and regulations may be in violation of College policies as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Student Health & Wellness Guide

For the most up to date information on the Fitness Center, please visit the Official Athletics Website for The College of Saint Rose here.