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Personal and communal integrity are nurtured, encouraged, and sharpened in the social and academic community that is The College of Saint Rose. Becoming a civically-minded and ethical person is essential to any learning community. We welcome you to The College of Saint Rose, where with integrity you can continue to become the best you can possibly be.

The College of Saint Rose Statement on Integrity

Honesty, trust, respect, fairness, responsibility, and the free exchange of ideas form the foundation of integrity that supports the entire community at The College of Saint Rose. Faculty, staff, administrators, and students embrace these ideals in all their interactions and communications. Members of the Saint Rose community are committed to developing and implementing clear and fair institutional policies, standards, and practices, applied equitably and humanely. In keeping with its mission, The College of Saint Rose creates a culture that continually fosters the development of personal integrity and promotes ethical behavior throughout the larger society.
–Approved by the Board of Trustees, May 2005.

The College of Saint Rose Civility Project

The College of Saint Rose Civility Project rests on the principle that our actions, when guided by concern for others, create an environment of thoughtful behavior. Through programming, the Civility Project fosters altruistic, virtuous tendencies throughout the campus community.