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In the Know

A place for students to find all of the news and announcements about the College in one place

Viewing Saint Rose Announcements Online

Historically, the College sends a lot of announcements via email and those emails may come from all areas of campus. It can be overwhelming and confusing, and we know many students prefer other modes of communication. We will still communicate updates every Monday through an In the Know email, and students will continue to receive emails on important issues from individual campus leaders, but you’ll also be able to find those same updates on this website.

Important Resources

Saint Rose Restart Plan for 2021

Our Restart plan includes all of the information you need to know about plans to restart on-campus living and learning at Saint Rose in the Spring 2021 semester as we seek to protect the health and well-being of our students, employees, and community.

View Restart Plan

Diversity and Inclusion

The central resource to our community where we share our values around inclusion, increase our knowledge, detail the process for reporting and addressing incidents of bias and discrimination, and offer updates on our efforts. It will also provide ways for the campus community to become part of this movement and serve as a forum to share ideas and feedback. You can find on-campus and community resources here, as well.

View Diversity and Inclusion

Student Handbook

The Office of Residence Life strives to ensure that residents are welcomed into the Saint Rose community as informed, responsible students. Saint Rose has a number of policies and procedures in place to create an environment that fosters integrity while promoting an ethic of care and concern.

View Student Handbook

Navigate App for Students

The Navigate app for undergraduates and social media posts each week will also direct students to this website, asking them to check for updates.

Learn More about Navigate

I’m Not Sure Who to Ask

Not sure where to turn with your concern? Fill out our form, and we’ll have someone reach out to you to either answer your concerns or direct you to the right place for answers.

In the Know Form (I'm Not Sure Who to Ask)

Points of Contact