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Course Delivery DEFINITIONS:

  • Online Courses: In online teaching, 100% of instruction takes place online via Canvas and with supplemental platforms like Zoom. There are two types of online courses: asynchronous and synchronous.
    • Asynchronous online: Course is fully online, with lessons, assignments, and activities posted in Canvas with due dates. Students complete coursework, engage in discussions, etc., based upon their own schedules, but are required to meet posted deadlines.
    • Synchronous online: Online course that includes real-time class meetings using technology (e.g. Zoom). The number of required meetings varies based upon the particular class, but meetings take place during the scheduled class times. Faculty will inform students of the schedule for real-time meetings in their courses.
  • Hybrid Courses: Hybrid courses combine both in-person, on-campus meetings with online instruction. All face-to-face activities take place during the regularly-scheduled meeting times in the rooms assigned on the course listing. The number of in-person meetings varies by course. Faculty will notify students of the exact meeting schedule for their courses.

If your class is not listed as online or hybrid, it will meet fully face-to-face following the noted class schedule.