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The College continues to expand its comprehensive Teach-Out Plan that includes teach-out agreements with accredited colleges and universities to provide program-specific pathways for Saint Rose students, enabling them to complete their degrees without interruption, loss of time, or credits.


Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Ithaca College

Iona University

LeMoyne College

Messiah University

Russell Sage College

Siena College

SUNY New Paltz

SUNY Plattsburgh

University at Albany

We are in active discussion to finalize agreements with several other institutions, including:

There are conversations with other colleges and universities as well in order to ensure that all programs have identified teach-out pathways.

Program alignments are being carefully reviewed by both Saint Rose faculty and faculty at the partner institutions and we will share information about completed teach-out agreements as soon as they are signed. All teach-out agreements are subject to approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

As the list of potential Teach-Out Partners grows we will continue to update the Teach-Out Plan information on the College’s website.

Transferring or graduating?

You’ll need your immunization records! Please request a copy of your immunization records from Health Services today so you don’t have to wait to transfer them directly to another institution or employer. Please complete the Authorization to Release Immunization Records Form and submit it with a copy of your photo ID to or in person at the Counseling Center or Health Services office. Immunization records can be sent via email, fax, mail, or picked up in person at the Counseling Center located at 1006 Madison Avenue.

Facts about the Teach-Out Plan

A comprehensive Teach-Out Plan includes teach-out agreements with accredited colleges and universities that provide program-specific pathways for all students at institutions that are closing to complete their degrees without interruption, so students don’t lose time or credits.

Teach-out agreements override institutional transfer policies and deadlines to benefit students at the closing institution. Students have time to make the best decision for them.

Here is some important information:

  • Saint Rose will provide a teach-out agreement for every program.
  • Students who participate in the Teach-Out Plan will enroll at a Teach-Out Partner after the end of the 2023-2024 academic year.


While students are not obligated to enroll at a Saint Rose Teach-Out Partner, enrollment at a Teach-Out Partner will provide current students a smooth pathway to complete their degrees without interruption.

Some of the important details we are working to address with Teach-Out Partners are:

  • Waiver of admissions, enrollment, and/or transfer application fees and deadlines
  • Acceptance of credits completed at Saint Rose
  • Waiver of any residency requirement and/or requirement that students complete a certain number of credit hours at the Teach-Out Partner
  • Equal consideration for student housing, the ability to participate as resident assistants, the ability to try out for student athletics and participate in clubs, student government, and other forms of student life
  • Access to clinical rotations, internships, and other program elements, or suitable replacements, as necessary for continued academic progress and timely graduation
  • Tuition equal to or lower than that which would have been paid to Saint Rose for the duration of the student’s academic program
  • Prompt assessment of all existing financial aid packages and scholarship awards to determine whether they can be honored by the Teach-Out Partner so any additional tuition and/or fees can be known as soon as possible

Each student’s situation is unique. Students have the option to transfer to an institution of their choosing at any time. However, students who transfer prior to the end of the 2023-2024 academic year may not benefit from the many academic and financial advantages of participating in the Teach-Out Plan.

Students will work with advisors at the Teach-Out Partner to have their transcripts and financial aid awards evaluated. Saint Rose academic and financial aid advisors stand ready to assist students in this process.

Teach-out agreements are subject to approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and New York State Education Department.