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Spiritual Life staff was joined by a team of faculty, recent graduates, and community partners to outline a strategic plan for the office's next three to five years. Below you will find new goals for the department of Community Service within the Office of Spiritual Life.

Community Service Office: Strategic Goals

  1. Elevate the visibility of the office in order to attract and maintain student involvement in community service projects and programs.
  2. Develop student leaders who can articulate the deeper ethical and moral learning that community service can provide.
  3. Develop a structured reflection program which can enhance the volunteer experience and encourage thoughtful evaluation of programs and relationships with our community partners.
  4. Redefine and clarify the role of the Office of Community Service as a critical part of being an engaged urban campus by fostering increased integration of the campus into the local community.
  5. Continue to encourage and support the service learning pedagogy on campus as a vehicle for deeper learning.
  6. Encourage community partnerships and placements that provide mutual learning and service opportunities for our students and community partners.
  7. Use community service and service learning opportunities to teach social justice, global awareness and activism that connects visibly to the mission of the college.