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Empowering members of the campus community by facilitating efficient use of technology and communication services, ITS strives to advance the mission and institutional goals of The College of Saint Rose.

What Does ITS Do?

ITS at The College of Saint Rose provides access to state of the art computers, software, multimedia systems in classrooms and for events, campus information systems and services including Banner, e-mail, streaming media, phones, voice mail, and much more. We provide training classes and workshops throughout the year on software, copyright, and many more topics.

Over 1,000 Computers

The College of Saint Rose currently has approximately 1,100 computers on campus with just over 50% designated specifically for student use. We offer 19 computer labs including the Lima Hall computer lab which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Of all the computers on campus, about 18% of them are Macintosh with the majority of them housed in Picotte Center for the Arts and the Center for Communications and Interactive Media. The other 82% of computers run on the Windows platform. About 15% of all computers are laptops with two dedicated classrooms of laptop computers. Students can sign out wireless laptop computers for use in the Neil Hellman Library.

Network & Security

Every room on campus, including classrooms and residence hall rooms, has network ports to allow students to connect to the College’s high speed network. The College also provides wireless networking that currently covers the majority of campus buildings. The network is protected with aggressive antivirus and SPAM filtering systems. Students are provided with free antivirus software that they can download to their personally owned computers.

Each student is given an e-mail account, online file storage, computer logon account, print management account and Canvas account, all of which use the same user name and password. Students are allotted prints each semester with additional prints charged to an optional bank of money on their ID card. Cost per print may be obtained from the Copy Center. Canvas is the College’s web-based course management system. Faculty post course content, discussions boards, recorded lectures, assessments and assignments on Canvas so that students can have access to these materials when needed.


ITS provides audio/visual services that support the teaching efforts of the College. This includes the development and support of state-of-the art media resources, systems, and equipment found in over 75% of the academic classrooms. They also provide audio/video capabilities for certain types of special events that take place around the campus. The professional staff maintains the functionality of equipment and provides instruction in the operational use of multimedia equipment, such as Smart Classroom technology, video camcorders, microphones, and other technologies for speaking engagement events on campus. Streaming media services are available for academic use, allowing instructors to create and share multimedia across the campus via the network or across the world via the internet.