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Information security is important to all of us but what are the steps we should take to ensure our accounts and private data are protected?

The College of Saint Rose is committed to providing reliable and secure technology services to the campus community. We follow industry standards and best practices when securing our network, software applications, and any other technology resource available. While we can provide you the opportunity to use a secure software application or connection to the internet, you must still be aware of the potential vulnerabilities that are out there and what actions you can take to help keep our services secure. Please view our cyber security tips below and review our IT Policies section for more information.

Cyber Security Tips

Computer Labs

  • Never leave your computer while logged in. This presents the opportunity for someone to gain access to your personal data.
  • After completing your work, be sure to always log off or restart your computer.

Secure Passwords

  • The main reason e-mail accounts get compromised is that people use easy to guess passwords. In order to reduce SPAM, phishing, and other internet hazards, ITS requires that your network password be complex. See “Password Complexity Requirements” in My Accounts page.
  • If changing your password through, you will receive a confirmation email. If you receive an email saying your password was updated, without you actually updating it, please contact Technology Support Services immediately.

Email Security

  • Phishing Attacks are one of the most common attacks cyber criminals use to gain access to a secure network. They do this by sending you an email that looks like an official, secure, and otherwise normal email, but asks for personal information such as your username and password. If you experience this, or have an email that you think may be a Phishing Attack attempt, please notify Technology Support Services.
  • You will NEVER be asked for your account password or other personally identifiable information by any College personnel, especially through e-mail!