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We all have to be reminded, from time to time, that bliss is a state of mind, and happiness is a choice. Give a "10 Little Rules" book to someone you love (or yourself!): Learn to listen to the whispers, chart a new path, and live the life of bliss that is your birthright.

A 40-something whose life became unrecognizable almost overnight … a teacher who learned the hard way she was neglecting her own growth … the entrepreneur who experienced a life threatening medical emergency and knew her life had changed, dramatically … a mom of two, struggling to cope with an unfathomable diagnosis for her youngest boy … these are just some of the very real women behind the 10 Little Rules book series.

We’ve openly shared our stories and offered guidance and pointed questions to help you uncover some core truths of your own … all in a beautiful format with plenty of room for journaling. Welcome to the 10 Little Rules book series.

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Carol (Winters) Pearson, B.A. Public Communications, ‘85, author

Carol (Winters) Pearson, B.A. Public Communications, ‘85, author

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Carol’s inspiration for the business: In 2008, my world was imploding: In the midst of the recession, my marriage ended. I lost a business and found myself in a strange and empty nest. As I processed it all, I realized I had been living by everyone else’s rules. I sat down to write, and the “10 Little Rules” concept was born. Since then, it’s expanded into a growing community of authors and a series of books. Our mission is to share our positive approach to life, taking full responsibility for our own bliss, on our own terms.

How Saint Rose helped Carol’s career: I learned, through the public communications program at Saint Rose, that the best path is your own. Working alongside creative, professional women and men who were deciding what their careers should look like gave me the grounding I needed to launch a successful freelance career and run my own agency. I’m especially grateful to Pamela Sawchuk Brown, who offered me an internship and my first professional agency job.