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Tea is a perfect stocking stuffer that not only makes people happy but also keeps them healthy! Short and Stout Tea Company is all about great-tasting tea with a fun and educational experience. Our Tea Lounge and Bubble Tea Bar (1736a Western Avenue, Guilderland) offers a warm, welcoming haven to meet friends over a pot of tea or decompress from the holidays with a sweet or savory snack.

Joyce Zacharewicz G'05 M.S.Ed., Early Childhood Education Alumni Gift Guide

Joyce Zacharewicz G’05, M.S.Ed., Early Childhood Education, Founder and Owner

Shop Short and Stout Tea Company

If you find yourself at shopping at Crossgates Mall, stop by Short and Stout’s boutique on the second floor (near JC Penney). There, you’ll find a full selection of tea, accessories, and macarons.

Whether you’re looking for loose tea to brew at home, brewing accessories, macarons, or a gift card to enjoy at Short and Stout Tea Lounge, there’s a gift for everyone.

Joyce’s inspiration for her business:
The love of cooking has inspired me to share delicious food with others. My Thai heritage has taught me to balance several flavors at the same time, so a traditional cup of tea won’t do. The Tea Lounge is like a laboratory where experiments are always happening to discover new blends and explore drinks that are on the cutting edge. I love to share my knowledge of tea with customers who are interested in learning about the amazing plants that produce these wonderful beverages. Short and Stout Tea works directly with importers and small farms to obtain teas as close to the source as possible. I have personally traveled to many of my suppliers to meet the farmers directly.

How Saint Rose helped Joyce’s career:
I was a 4.0-GPA student throughout my grad school. With a lot of support from my professors at Saint Rose, I strived to do my best and set a high expectation for myself. I apply the teaching skills that I acquired in college to train all my staff and educate customers about tea on a daily basis. Talking tea can be long and in depth, and it’s nice to know how to break it down into something that is simple for different audiences to understand, just like creating a lesson plan to suit different groups of students. Knowing something doesn’t mean that you can teach, and without the teaching skills that I’ve learned, I wouldn’t be able to do my job as well.