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Know someone who deserves a skincare treatment this season? Valley Botanicals Hydrate + Repair Face Cream is ideal and soothing for dry, damaged, or aging skin.

Hydrate + Repair Face Cream

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Emmaline Molloy ’13, B.S. Art Education, founder and owner

Made of infused plant oils, raw butters, and floral waters to hydrate and repair the skin, this is Emmaline’s go-to cream and her favorite gift for friends during changing seasons when the air becomes dryer. Hydrate + Repair Face Cream, 1.7 oz, $24. Also check out the full line of toners, oils, salves, serums, and deodorants – all made with natural extracts and oils from Emmaline’s medicinal plants and beeswax from her beehives.

Emmaline’s inspiration for the business: I became interested in using natural, plant-based skincare products when it became difficult to find products that worked well for my sensitive skin. When I moved to California from New York, the warmer yearly climate, and the property I lived on, made it easy for me to grow medicinal plants that I began using to help my skin.

How Saint Rose helped Emmaline’s career: Saint Rose made me a confident and motivated individual! I had inspirational and encouraging professors throughout my college experience who helped prepare me to handle real-life situations. I never imagined owning a business while studying to be an art educator, but I still use so much of what I learned while at Saint Rose in my business.