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Roll-on cologne, deodorant, face lotion, shave soap, shave balm, spray cologne
Brushes and kits (*badger or vegan)

Here’s a gift to upgrade anyone’s shaving ritual: one-of-a-kind straight razors featuring top-quality vintage blades, handcrafted hardwoods, and striking inlays of turquoise, red jasper, or malachite. Or choose from handmade shaving brushes (badger or vegan bristles), vegan strops, and pampering toiletries – from deodorant to beard balm to shave cream, blended to order, and formulated by Adam himself.

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A restored, vintage straight razor with handcrafted scales is a work of art that you use every day – and that can last a lifetime, even become a family heirloom. Treat yourself or a loved one to a soul-satisfying, time-honored ritual: a good, honest shave.

These one-of-a-kind razors, starting at $229, feature beautiful combinations of exotic hardwoods and top-shelf vintage blades professionally honed through an exacting multistep process. The company also offers all-natural, vegan hair and skin care products, starting at $10; these include shaving cream, oils, pomade, deodorant, moustache wax, face cream, and a gift box of shaving essentials. Many items can be scented to order.

Adam Cresko Roosevelt Grooming Co. Alumni Gift Guide Products

Handcrafted product line includes gift-basket ready shaving products for the bearded friend in your life.

Adam’s inspiration for his business:
Razor restoration and crafting homemade grooming products had been hobbies of mine for some time. I realized that there was an underserved market for something that I had the skills to fill; that discovery made me want to turn my hobbies into a business.

Adam Cresko G'08 MBA in Business Administration, Founder and Owner of Roosevelt Grooming Co. Alumni Gift Guide

Adam Cresko G’08, MBA in Business Administration, Founder and Owner, Roosevelt Grooming Co., Voorheesville, New York

How Saint Rose helped Adam’s career:
From marketing to accounting to finance, there is such an array of seemingly disconnected pieces that go into running a business. Without the incredible professors with whom I had the privilege of working – many with extensive real-world experience in their areas of expertise – I wouldn’t have been able to put those pieces together in just the way necessary to make my business successful.