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A restored, vintage straight razor with handcrafted scales is a work of art that you use every day – and that can last a lifetime, even become a family heirloom. Treat yourself or a loved one to a soul-satisfying, time-honored ritual: a good, honest shave.

These one-of-a-kind razors, starting at $229, feature beautiful combinations of exotic hardwoods and top-shelf vintage blades professionally honed through an exacting multistep process. The company also offers all-natural, vegan hair and skin care products, starting at $10; these include shaving cream, oils, pomade, deodorant, moustache wax, face cream, and a gift box of shaving essentials. Many items can be scented to order.

Adam Cresko, MBA, G‘08, founder and owner

Adam’s inspiration for his business: Razor restoration and crafting homemade grooming products had been hobbies of mine for some time. I realized that there was an underserved market for something that I had the skills to fill; that discovery made me want to turn my hobbies into a business.

How Saint Rose helped Adam’s career: From marketing to accounting to finance, there is such an array of seemingly disconnected pieces that go into running a business. Without the incredible professors with whom I had the privilege of working – many with extensive real-world experience in their areas of expertise – I wouldn’t have been able to put those pieces together in just the way necessary to make my business successful.