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The young folks in your life will be entertained and inspired to their own STEM exploits by the adventures of Kaya, a budding seven-year-old scientist who mixes, measures, analyzes, hypothesizes, and tests her way through “Kaya’s Magical Unicorn Slime Experiment.” Or select one of Crystal De Bouse’s other books addressing the everyday joys in life. “Love Is Love” is designed to help caregivers explain and illustrate to kids how love transcends all barriers and brings together people of all genders, ethnicities, and races. “You Are A Super Mama” celebrates moms — married, divorced, with or without a partner — and was written to encourage and champion all moms.

Crystal De Bouse, owner of URBAN G3M, is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She moved to Albany, New York in 2011 after serving 8 years overseas in Japan and Germany with the United States Air Force. She has four wonderful children, who are her inspiration and motivation. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Crystal found time to hone her writing and storytelling skills and realized her longtime dream of becoming a self-published author. In so doing, she found fun, creative ways to empower other mothers and inspire children to believe in themselves and work to make their fondest desires come true.

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