Eclectic, homegrown, and gorgeous – that’s the selection of gifts you’ll find at Fort Orange General Store, which features household goods, small-batch apothecary items, stationery, and jewelry.

Schuyler Bull Fort Orange General Store Alumni Gift Guide

The Fort Orange General Store has everything you need to check off your list this holiday season.

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Discover hundreds of inspired gifting ideas for those you care about, from artisanal cocktail mixers, preserves, and handmade candles to charming baby toys, books about Albany, and cards and posters featuring our favorite downtown pooch, Nipper. Can’t decide? Gift cards are available for $25, $50, and $100 online; for other amounts, stop by the store or call 518-818-0105.

If you’re in the neighborhood on a Friday afternoon this December, drop by the store to check out the Fort Orange Holiday Market. From 5 until 9 p.m. each Friday, you’ll find local vendors providing a smorgasbord of locally made and sourced goods, entertainment, and artworks.

Schuyler Bull , BS/MBA, ‘10, founder and owner

The inspiration for Schuyler’s business:
I believe in the potential of downtown Albany, and am inspired by the recent growth and investment in the area. I established Fort Orange General Store to bring a unique, quality retail experience back to the downtown neighborhood.

How Saint Rose helped Schuyler’s career:
Saint Rose gave me the knowledge and resources to succeed in business, and the passion to reach for more each day. By staying in Albany, I was able to expand the network I had built up in college, find a great career, and continue giving back to my community.

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412 Broadway, Albany.