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Four Fat Fowl is an artisan creamery run by a family of maniacal cheese lovers with a commitment to making locally-sourced, handcrafted, award-winning cheeses of the finest quality. The creamery was born of countless dreams spun around the Sunday dinner table and turned into a reality in 2013. Our recipes are the product of more than 30 years of combined experience in the specialty cheesemaking. Through careful crafting, we make cheeses that showcase the bounty of the Hudson Valley and please palates far and wide: St. Stephen, CamemBertha, and Inagadda Ricotta.

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It all comes packed in an antique gray gift crate that can be reused or re-gifted. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Purchase St. Stephen at retail locations locally and all over the country. See the website at for a “where to buy” list. To order a gift basket, email us at

Josie Madison G'06, M.S.Ed., Childhood Education, Founder and Owner Alumni Gift Guide

Josie Madison G’06, M.S.Ed., Childhood Education, Founder and Owner

What inspired our business:
My talented family inspired our business. Within one family, we had a team with just the right experience and skills to make and sell cheese and run a business. My brother (Willy Bridgham), his wife (Shaleena Bridgham), and I spent many a lazy Sunday sitting around a kitchen table dreaming about starting our own creamery, and one day we just took the plunge. My partners’ talents continue to inspire me every day.

How Saint Rose helped my career:
Although my M.S. in Education from Saint Rose doesn’t seem like it would help me with operating a creamery, it did! Most importantly, it taught me how to take on a challenge and meet it. Putting together my portfolio was a big learning experience in how to manage, synthesize, and present large quantities of information. With Saint Rose’s emphasis on small class sizes and group work, I also learned so much about how to work cooperatively with other students and professors in a creative and wonderfully supportive environment. Those skills are useful to me every day in my small, family business. I will always be grateful for my Saint Rose experience.