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Brian Seitz turned his love of furniture building into his career, fusing his talents in carpentry and metal fabrication to create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are works of art. Choose from black-walnut tables inlaid with resin in the shape of your favorite lake, to custom credenzas and kitchen islands made of locally salvaged hardwoods, to custom upscale furnishings for bars, restaurants, offices, and shops. Urban Industrial Design starts by learning about what you want your piece to do and the space it will inhabit, as well as your preferences for building materials. The team then builds each piece by hand and with loving attention to the tiniest detail, and offers white-glove delivery for local clients.

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Please contact them before placing an order to ensure they can build the product exactly to your liking and requirements! For best results, please contact Brian via email at

Brian Seitz Alumni Gift Guide Woodworking Custom Furniture

Brian Seitz ’11, Business Administration, Owner and Woodworker

Brian Seitz Alumni Gift Guide Woodworking Custom Furniture

One-of-a-kind tables, wall hangings, bars and desks made to order!

What inspired Brian’s business:
It wasn’t until I decided to build some basic furniture for my home that I realized I loved the challenge of carpentry. What began as a hobby grew into a passion, and then into a business.

How his Saint Rose experience helped his career:
Saint Rose provided me with the skillset to run a business, and with my newly found love for woodworking, it was only natural to combine the two and start Urban Industrial design. The opportunity cost of my time is one thing that has stuck with me over the years: Ensuring I am making the best use of my time is something I do every day.