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Cafe Madison

Great stocking-stuffer idea for anyone who loves good food: a gift card to some of the Capital District’s finest dining establishments, many of them only steps away from the Saint Rose campus. From artisanal pizza to amazing seafood to some of the best salads in town, you’ll find a BMT experience to delight any palate.

Purchase gift cards, for any amount, at the BMT website. Or purchase (and use!) gift cards at any BMT location, good for BMT Hospitality’s entire eclectic lineup. Choose among Café Madison’s brunches, The Point’s upscale fare, Albany Ale & Oyster’s libations, Ama Cocina’s fanciful fusion menu, and more.

BMT Restaurants:

  • The Point, 1100 Madison Ave., Albany; 518-729-2723
  • Café Madison, 1108 Madison Ave., Albany; 518-935-1094
  • Junior’s, 1094 Madison Ave., Albany; 518-813-9824
  • Madison Pour House, 1100 Madison Ave., Albany; 518-935-1094
  • Albany Ale & Oyster, 281 New Scotland Ave., Albany; 518-729-5383
  • Spinner’s Pizza, 22 Picotte Dr., Albany; 518-487-4152
  • Ama Cocina, 4 Sheridan Ave., Albany; 518-776-4550

Brian Viglucci, BA, Communication and Media Studies, ‘00,
co-founder and co-owner

Brian’s inspiration for his business:  I grew up in my family business and had a love for the business at a very young age.  Over the years, the number of restaurants grew, as well as my love.

How Saint Rose helped Brian’s career: My Saint rose experience was vital in our success in my business and my personal growth. It helped me analyze and deal with situations with a more thorough and logical approach. In addition, it helped me network with other professionals in different and similar fields.