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Know someone who loves dining out? (Who doesn’t?)

Got a hankering for a tasty taco, refreshing salad, juicy burger (vegan or otherwise), or oversized omelette? Check out BMT Hospitality’s many offerings, in a variety of cozy and welcoming venues. It’s the best dining in the area, and you’ll find what you want, whether you’re grabbing a quick casual bite or hosting relatives or friends from out of town. From pizza, to French toast, to oysters and charcuterie boards – and don’t forget the microbrewery beers and fancy mixed drinks! – you’ll find tasty treats for any occasion.

You can buy BMT gift cards for any amount at a BMT establishment, or on their website. Your lucky recipient can use them at any BMT location:

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BMT Restaurants:

  • The Point,
    1100 Madison Avenue, Albany; 518-729-2723
  • Café Madison,
    1108 Madison Avenue, Albany; 518-935-1094
  • Junior’s,
    1094 Madison Avenue, Albany; 518-813-9824
  • Madison Pour House,
    1100 Madison Avenue, Albany; 518-935-1094
  • Albany Ale & Oyster,
    281 New Scotland Avenue, Albany; 518-729-5383
  • Spinner’s Pizza,
    22 Picotte Drive, Albany; 518-487-4152
  • Ama Cocina,
    4 Sheridan Avenue, Albany; 518-776-4550

Bachelor of Business Administration, Communication and Media Studies, ‘00
Cofounder and co-owner

Brian’s inspiration for his business:
I grew up in my family business and had a love for the business at a very young age.  Over the years, the number of restaurants grew, as well as my love.

How Saint Rose helped Brian’s career:
My Saint Rose experience was vital in our success in my business and my personal growth. It helped me analyze and deal with situations with a more thorough and logical approach. In addition, it helped me network with other professionals in different and similar fields.