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About Digital Signage

The College of Saint Rose digital signage system is a network based video display system that allows departments, offices and students to have access to an effective and fast means of communicating with students, employees and guests. Digital Signage allows people to create and preview an electronic message to market particular programs and services that are available to users of the College.


The College of Saint Rose will use this system to increase the effectiveness of communications to students, faculty and staff. The guidelines set in this policy will help ensure that digital signage communication to the College’s students, faculty and staff is professional, clear and relevant. This policy will be administered and enforced by the Information Technology Services (ITS) department. Faculty/Staff/Administrators should direct questions or concerns to ITS and students should communicate with Student Affairs.

Copyright and Trademark

No copyrighted or trademarked content can be posted on digital signage unless the College has written permission from the copyright or trademark holder to use the content. Only content the College owns, clip art from Microsoft, or royalty free content can be used with digital signage. Content creators are responsible for abiding by copyright and trademark laws. ITS does not have the resources to verify that content are in compliance with copyright law. If there is any doubt about copyright or trademark compliance content creators will be asked to provide documentation or remove the content from the posting. If you have any questions or concerns regarding copyright or trademark law, please contact ITS.

System Management

  • Various offices and schools will each have one account and two trained users to create content for their faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • The Office of Student Affairs will be the approving authority and clearinghouse for student messages on the system.
  • Messages with no corrections or edits will be approved by ITS for posting within two business days.
  • Information Technology Services would appreciate any data or feedback about the system; particularly how it relates to any impact on the services you advertise (increase/decrease in attendance or service utilization, etc.)

Guidelines for Use

  • Users must sign up for an account with ITS Media Services to obtain a user login and password. Prior to using the system a brief training/orientation will be provided with each approved user.
  • Up to one account per office/school may be shared between two content creators.
  • Some offices on campus may have more than two content creators, e.g.–Safety and Security and Public Relations.
  • Use of the digital signage system is primarily for the promotion of services, events, meetings, programs, and special happenings taking place at The College of Saint Rose. Exceptions to this may include: student activities, student government, College sponsored events, or special College events open to the entire student body.
  • Generally, only one message per event, promotion, or activity is permitted.
  • Messages must be broadcast for a definitive period of time and are not to exceed two weeks for single occurrence events. Open-ended/continuous announcements will be approved on a case by case basis.
  • Verbose messages or grammatical errors will be edited or returned for revision before approval is given.
  • The Campus Safety and Security department will get first priority on all digital signage content, as required.

Training and Support

For training and support please contact ITS.