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ITS is pleased to offer digital media storage for electronic media where data are stored in digital form (e.g. digital video, digital audio, etc.). This policy addresses the duration of media storage. Limited resources do not permit The College to indefinitely store every type of media, especially media that has been inactive for a period of time.

Responsibility of Information Technology Services (ITS) and the College:

  • Provide hosting services for active media content.
  • Class media content not readily accessed in 18 months will be removed from the streaming server.
  • Live event media content not readily accessed in two months will be removed from the streaming server.
  • ITS will provide a reminder E-mail notice one month before media content is removed from streaming server.
  • ITS will destroy media content six months after content is removed from streaming server unless legally required to preserve the content.
  • Upon request ITS will provide an archived copy of the media before destroying the content.

Responsibility of Content Creators:

  • Content creators will notify ITS when media content is no longer needed.
    • For example some media content is only used for a semester or for a work related project.
  • Content creators are responsible for inquiring about archive or offline copies for media content availability.
  • Content creators need to abide by both The College’s copyright and acceptable use policies.