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How do I know if I qualify for Federal Work Study?

You must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by March 1st, in order to be awarded Work Study. If you fit the criteria stated above, a Work Study award will be on the award letter you receive from the Office of Financial Aid.

If you believe you qualify for FWS and it does not appear on your award letter, please contact the Office of Financial Aid to inquire about being placed on the wait list. Once you are approved for Work Study, find out if working while at college is right for you.

As a returning student, how do I maintain my Work Study award?

You must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by May 1st in order to keep any previously awarded Work Study.

How does the program work?

The College of Saint Rose provides a number of different types of jobs, both in the institution’s administrative offices as well as the academic departments. The Office of Financial Aid does not place students in a position. Students are to apply, and often times interview; with a supervisor before being hired. The total Work Study award depends on the application date, the level of financial need, and how much FWS money the College has available. The amount you earn cannot exceed your total FWS award. Undergraduate students are paid by the hour at the rate of New York State minimum wage. Unlike a loan program, money is not paid before you earn it. Students work and are then paid bi-weekly for their hours worked, on the same pay schedule as College employees. Students who are awarded Work Study are contacted during the summer with details regarding the hiring process. Required tax forms and requested identification documents should be prepared prior to the start of the semester.

I have received FWS on my Financial Aid Award Letter. What are my next steps?

  • If you have been awarded Federal Work Study and you wish to participate, please ACCEPT your Federal Work Study award on your Financial Aid Award letter or by logging into the secure site.
  • NEW and RETURNING Federal Work Study employees: Please click here for step-by-step instructions to complete your job search successfully.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (518) 458-5464 or

Required Paperwork

After you have found a job you must submit the following paperwork to the Office of Financial Aid located in Saint Joseph Hall, 3rd floor. AFTER all the documents have been submitted, you can begin working.

  1. Federal Tax Withholding Form (W-4)
    This form is required so the College may properly process your Federal tax withholding.

  2. New York State Withholding Form (Choose only ONE to complete: IT-2104 or IT-2104-E)
    All students must complete ONE of the two New York State forms. By completing the IT-2104-E form, you will be claiming exemption from withholding for New York State personal income tax. By completing the IT-2104 form, you will be filing to have New York State taxes withheld from your paycheck.

  3. New York State Wage Theft Prevention Form
    The Wage Theft Prevention Act went into effect April 9, 2011. This law gives greater protection to workers, and makes changes in the way they are notified of their pay rates and receive wage statements. All private sector employers are covered, including students who participate in the work study programs on their college campus.Notices need to be given in a worker’s primary language if the Department of Labor provides notice templates in that language. Otherwise the notice need only be provided in English. The primary languages are English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Creole, Polish and Russian. If you do not see your primary language below, please contact Financial Aid at 518-458-5464 or Human Resources at 518-454-5138.You will need to complete, sign and print the appropriate New York State Wage Theft Prevention Form listed below at the time of employment. You will receive a copy for your records.

    Beginning on January 1, 2018, Paid Family Leave (PFL) becomes a mandatory benefit in New York State. This benefit provides eligible employees with job protection and partially paid time off (8 weeks maximum for calendar year 2018) for the following qualifying events:

    • Providing care for a family member with a serious health condition.
    • Bonding leave after the birth, adoption or welcoming a child into foster care.
    • Qualifying military exigency to attend to family matters if your family member is on active duty or has been notified of an impending call to active duty.

    PFL, as mandated by the state, is an employee-funded program through payroll deductions. (See below for explanation of the applicable payroll deduction.)

    As a work study employee, you may be eligible for this benefit. However, part-time employees, who typically work less than 20 hours per week, must work for 175 days to be eligible. If you do not expect to work 175 days in 52 week period, you may sign a waiver form (attached). By signing a waiver form, you waive eligibility for the benefit and the College will not take deductions from your pay. New York State implemented the waiver option to allow part-time employees, who might never meet the service requirements of the benefit, to avoid paying for the benefit.

    If you sign a waiver on the expectation of not working 175 days in a 52 week period, but subsequently work in excess of 175 days, the College is required to make you immediately eligible for Paid Family Leave and collect owed employee payroll deductions.

    If you do not expect to work 175 days in a 52 week period and wish to waive eligibility, please return the signed form to the Financial Aid Office no later than January 2, 2018. If you do not execute a waiver, the College will deduct .126% of your bi-weekly pay beginning with the first pay period in 2018 to fund this benefit. Deductions may not exceed $85.56 per year.

    Questions regarding Paid Family Leave may be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

    This form is required by the Department of Homeland Security in order to ensure your eligibility to work in the United States. Step by step instructions are available below to answer any questions that you may have.*Please note: A completed I-9 form, along with the appropriate original ID documentation required by law, is all that you are required to submit to us.  Identification or forms that are photocopied, scanned, sent electronically or faxed to us will not be accepted.

    Forms are pick-up only beginning on the first day of the fall semester classes. This form can only be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid located in Saint Joseph Hall, 3rd floor.

Payroll Information

Once your paperwork has been submitted, reviewed and approved, you will receive an email from Payroll that will let you know that you may begin entering your work hours into the system. All paychecks may be picked up at the Bursar’s Office, 3rd floor, Saint Joseph Hall on pay days, unless you have a direct deposit.

Below, please find a schedule of all pay dates, web time entry instructions and instructions on how to set up a direct deposit.

Pay Schedules

A 2021 Work Study Pay Schedule is available for you to reference as well– Please click on the link to view the 2021 Work Study pay schedule. The last pay date of the Spring semester for Work Study will be May 22, 2021 (provided that you have submitted a web timesheet by May 13, 2021). Paychecks may be picked up at the Bursar’s Office if you do not have direct deposit.

Work Study Web Time Entry Instructions

Once you have submitted all necessary work study paperwork and you begin working hours, you will need to enter these hours via web time entry. The Web Time Entry system allows you to log on to the Saint Rose secure website and enter the hours that you have worked for a specific pay period. Your hours are then approved online by your supervisor and sent electronically to Payroll for processing.

Important Notes:

  • It is recommended that you view the Web Time Entry Video in order to know how to enter your time electronically. Please view this video prior to working your hours so you may become familiar with how to enter your time.
  • A Work Study Student Manual is available for you to reference. This manual includes detailed instructions (screenshots) on how to input your time into the Web Time Entry system.

Direct Deposit Form

Please complete the following form ONLY if you wish to have your Work Study paycheck directly deposited into your bank account. Please submit the completed form to the Payroll Department, located in Saint Joseph Hall, 4th floor.