**No new applications are being accepted for this program**


The American Studies Program at The College of Saint Rose offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of American society and culture that lets students explore intellectual territory crossing traditional academic boundaries.

An interdisciplinary approach encourages students to explore the interrelations of academic disciplines in Arts and Humanities, Math and Science, Education, and Business as they apply to aspects of American society and culture. American Studies does not stand in for other academic disciplines, rather it allows students to explore academic interests in and related to traditional disciplines in ways that illuminate the way those interests might cross academic boundaries.

Our program supports the College’s stated Mission in a number of ways. Our interdisciplinary curriculum offers students a unique way to develop themselves in an intellectual environment that encourages the College’s goal of a “diverse learning community that fosters integrity, interdependence, and mutual respect.” We also facilitate the College’s stated goal of “engagement with the urban environment” by offering coursework in urban American Studies and encouraging students to pursue research concerned with the Capital Region, as well as offering professional development opportunities in the area. We also support this part of the mission by encouraging students to make their work relevant to the communities in which they live through community research, participation, and service.

We offer a major, minor, a concentration for Education majors, an African American Studies minor, and courses contributing to an urban studies certificate in Education. In consultation with advisors, our students craft a plan of study that tailors their coursework to their intellectual interests and professional goals. Our majors complete a senior seminar course where they explore the critical discourse of the discipline and craft research that stands as a culmination of their coursework and intellectual interests. Students also complete a required internship where they use their skills in interdisciplinary critical thinking and research in a variety of fields, including law, community organization, journalism, education, and government. Our Education concentrators also complete a senior seminar course which allows them to examine critical discourse in the interdiscipline of American Studies and its relevance to their pedagogy.