Since the nation’s law schools do not recommend any particular major as the single “best” preparation for law school, students can major in any of the outstanding programs at The College of Saint Rose, while receiving dual advisement from experienced faculty members in their major field and from the pre-law advisor as they prepare to enter law school.

At The College of Saint Rose, students find a variety of opportunities to prepare them for admission to law school. Our strong liberal education curriculum combined with our outstanding academic programs emphasize critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills—essential elements for success in the field of law. We encourage students to think of law school as a complement to their undergraduate studies, since the wide variety of areas of legal specialty of attorneys can merge with most areas of interest.

Our location in Albany, the capital of New York State, provides many opportunities for students to engage in internships with state and local government, legislative bodies, not-for-profit organizations, and political groups.


Are You Interested in Pre-Law?

CJS-198 Pre-law Colloquium Course

CJS-198 is a zero credit colloquium class. Registration every semester is mandatory for all students interested in Pre-Law Advisement and those in the Albany Law School 3+3 dual degree program, or those who wish to apply for the College’s anticipated dual degree program with the Pace University School of Law, Western New England University School of Law or who wish to apply to the Albany Law School 3+3 program after their freshman year at Saint Rose.

This course meets 3 times a semester on designated Fridays at 12 noon to 1:30pm. There are no homework or reading assignments but attendance is required. A series of speakers are presented each semester on various topics related to undergraduate preparation necessary for attending law school. Students are given a pass/fail grade based upon attendance.

The purpose of this course is to help ensure that students who want to or are contemplating attending law school upon graduation have the advice, course work, support and preparation they need to help them with undergraduate course selection, the law school entrance examination (LSAT), and application process and eventually attending of law school.

This course offers opportunities for students in the above programs, and those that are not in such programs but who are interested in law school, to meet with a designated faculty member (pre-law advisor). It also provides a means for students to stay on track in meeting the particular requirements of the dual degree programs.

BlackBoard Platform Available

Students enrolled in this course have access to the course BlackBoard distance learning platform that provides announcements of upcoming law related events and information regarding LSAT review courses, law school scholarships, financial aid, and other information relevant to the preparation for applying and attending law school. Blackboard also provides a virtual meeting place for students throughout the college who share an interest in studying law.

It is strongly recommended that if a student has any interest in possibly pursuing law as a career they enroll in this course at the earliest opportunity. Selection of a major course of student and course selection decisions as early as the second semester of freshman year could affect a student’s eligibility for early admission dual degree programs. Also students interested in law should be made aware early on of the entrance qualifications for law school so that they may best position themselves for the application and admission process.

3 + 3 ProgramS

Incoming students should inform the Saint Rose Advisement Office of their intention to participate in the dual degree programs and request to register in CJS198 Pre-law Colloquium course.

Current students who wish to investigate or become candidates in either or both of these dual degree programs should contact their academic adviser as well as the pre-law adviser at the College of Saint Rose no later than the beginning of their second semester of their freshman year at Saint Rose.

3 + 3 Program with Albany Law School

The College of Saint Rose offers a special program with Albany Law School through which our students complete their major and liberal education credits in three years, then, receive their bachelor’s degree from The College of Saint Rose on the completion of their freshman year at Albany Law School. The program empowers students to complete a J.D. in law in six years, rather than the usual seven. Students may apply for the program either together with their Saint Rose admission application from high school, or at the end of their freshman year at Saint Rose. Majors eligible for the program are: Criminal Justice, English, History, Communications, Interdepartmental Studies, Psychology, Mathematics, Political Science.

3+3 Program with Pace University School of Law

The College of Saint Rose has received approval of a 3+3 program similar to the program that exists between the College and Albany Law School. Saint Rose students who complete their eligible undergraduate major and their liberal education credits in three years can receive their bachelor’s degree from Saint Rose on their successful complete of their 1L year at Pace University School of Law (PUSL). Eligible students may apply for this program in their junior year at Saint Rose. Majors eligible for the program are listed below.

3+3 Program with Western New England School of Law

The College of Saint Rose also has a 3+3 program similar to the already existing programs with Albany Law School and Pace University School of Law (PUSL). This program with Western New England School of Law (WNESL) is available to the student from the same majors as the Albany and PUSL programs, which are listed below.