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bachelor of business administration degree student

Why Choose Saint Rose for a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration?

Do you dream of launching your own enterprise? Want to harness people’s passions and creativity for your organization? Aspire to provide crucial financial information to guide executives’ decisions and strategy? To succeed in today’s environment, you need comprehensive business knowledge, keen critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and superb decision-making capabilities.

Our Bachelor in Business Administration program provides the perfect combination of theoretical training and practical experience to ready you for the competitive marketplace. We offer concentrations in small business and entrepreneurship, human resources, and managerial accounting, as well an individualized focus that you design with your advisor. If you’re interested in another area, our other undergraduate business majors are: accounting, business economics, finance, financial planning, and management (with concentrations in sports management, global business, and leadership).

Our Huether School of Business gives you a broad comprehension of all functional areas, to help you develop a strategic, top-level view. While in the Bachelor of Business Administration major you’ll learn to analyze situations and opportunities, make effective decisions, and communicate your vision to help your organization achieve its objectives. You’ll apply your theoretical learning to hands-on experience through case studies and team projects; you’ll write a business plan during your first year, and complete a full internship before graduating.

Business Administration BS/MBA Dual Degree

The Dual Degree BS/MBA provides students of superior academic ability and maturity the chance to earn both degrees—which together would normally require 158 credits—with as few as 140 credits. Students typically accelerate their progress by identifying graduate courses that can fulfill both graduate and undergraduate requirements. However, the plan of study may also include independent study, proficiency exams, special seminars, and advanced courses.

Learn like a boss.

Earn your bachelor's and master's degree in four years.

In addition to our traditional bachelor's degree, Saint Rose now offers our 2-in-4 program, which allows students to save time, money, and get ahead by earning both their bachelor's in business administration and a MBA in four years.

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Program Highlights

  • Learn the fundamentals of business, including financial management, operations, organizational behavior, communications, accounting, global business, and marketing
  • Choose a specialized track: small business and entrepreneurship, managerial accounting, or human resources, or design an individualized concentration with your advisor
  • Develop a solid portfolio of presentations and business plans
  • Enjoy small classes with a student-faculty ratio of 14:1, led by experts in education and business
  • Find the right internship for your career goals with the help of our dedicated internship coordinator

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