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Sara BiancosinoWhen we last spoke to Sara Biancosino ’17, she had been working as game entertainment manager for Washington D.C.’s national football team. The business administration graduate has since signed on with the Baltimore Orioles as product development manager. Like many, she is working from home during the pandemic.

What is your typical day like?

A typical day working from home consists of a morning workout, followed by my water and coffee! Our work hours begin at 9 a.m., so I am online by then.

Currently, we are working on launching some products for the new year, so most of my time is consumed with leading and managing that project cross-functionally with my team. My main focus with my role with the O’s is to assist with the team’s development of primary products, promotions, and special offers.

I assist in leveraging internal processes and relationships, as well as work cross-functionally with several departments to identify market opportunities and enhance current products.

Please describe the latest arc in your career trajectory.

Previously, I was with the Washington Football Team, serving as their game entertainment manager.

Prior to that, I was with the Albany Empire out of the Times Union Center in Albany. I ended up working with the Empire as a result of my marketing internship and the connections I made through the Times Union Center staff. I’m still in contact with that staff today and am grateful for my time as both an intern and as a manager for the Empire. Ultimately, both roles post-college were focused on live sports production, and I wanted to expand my skill set beyond that area.

Now, I am the product development manager for the Baltimore Orioles. This is an opportunity that allows me to grow in product development, as well as in marketing.

How is your Saint Rose experience helping you in your newest venture?

Ultimately, Saint Rose was the stepping stone I needed to truly find my passion. As I went into college, I was still unsure of the industry I thought I would be working in: music.

As I progressed in college, taking several business courses, it became clear to me that business was my interest and that it would be a part of every decision I made in the future. Saint Rose allowed me to network with several professionals and introduced me to different areas of business.

With all of that being said, the College is a great stepping stone to the future, and I encourage students to take new opportunities and internships while they can as a student.

What do you do for fun?

Outside of work, I am still a huge music fan. I find myself missing concerts the most during this pandemic, but I still enjoy music in my own way.

In addition, I am a big fan of watching sports on the weekends, eating out at hole-in-the-wall-type restaurants, and enjoying the outdoors. During the winter, I am a huge fan of snowboarding.

Why should alums engage with their alma mater?

I would encourage all alums to engage with their alma mater as it allows you to foster those relationships you have made.

There are several professors I still stay in touch with, and it has become a great tool for me whenever I need advice about making job decisions or have simple questions. You never know when you need a job recommendation or even a graduate reference.

I encourage alums to appreciate those relationships formed and be present and enjoy college.

Unfortunately, college doesn’t last forever, but the memories and people you have networked with will.

By Irene Kim