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Annual Costs: Including both Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters

Full Time Undergraduate Students (12-18 credit hours):

Full Time Undergraduate Tuition: $31,432.00*
Room Fee (Double): $6,394.00
Meal Plan (Plan 2): $6,320.00
Total Fees: $1,142.00
Orientation Fee – First-Year, Transfer and International (one-time fee): $455.00

Part Time Undergraduate Students (Less than 12 credit):

Undergraduate Tuition (per credit): $1,045.00
Plus Fees (see fees section)

*Please note that billing occurs on a per semester basis: $15,716.00 per semester for Full Time Undergraduate Students

The College reserves the right to change established fees and services, to add additional fees and services, and to determine the effective date of such changes without prior notice.

Undergraduate Academic Scholarships

Guaranteed Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid Awards

At Saint Rose, 98% of our students are awarded financial aid


Activity Fee: $138.00
Technology Fee: $268.00
Student Records Fee: $93.00
Health Service Fee: $72.00

Orientation Fees – 1st semester only:

  • Fall Orientation Fee – Undergraduate First-Year or Transfer student: $455.00
  • Spring Orientation Fee – Undergraduate First-Year or Transfer student: $135.00
  • Orientation Fee – New Undergraduate International student (Fall or Spring): $455.00
  • Orientation Fee – New Graduate International student (Fall or Spring): $455.00

Program Fees (Per semester, for full time undergraduate students enrolled in the following majors)

Art Majors: $100.00
Music Majors: $100.00
Public Communication Majors: $100.00
Art Fee: Variable
Communication Disorder Fee: Variable
Music Industry Fee: $65.00
Music Lesson Fee: $405.00 to $805.00 per course
Physical Education Fee: Variable
Psychology Lab Fee: Variable
Science Lab Fee: $65.00
Workshop Fee: (Please note that a workshop fee will not be refunded due to non-attendance, except when the student has dropped the workshop prior to the scheduled date.)
EDU 102/602 Anti-Violence Workshop: $65.00
EDU 103/603 Child Abuse Workshop: $65.00
EDU 106/606 AIDS/HIV Workshop: $65.00
EPY 337/637 Substance Abuse Workshop: $65.00

Room and Board Charges (Full Time Resident Students):

Standard Double Room: $3,197.00
Single Room: $3,408.00
Triple Room: $3,114.00
Suite: $3,408.00
Room with Shared Bath: $3,348.00
Room with Private Bath: $3,525.00
Apartment/House: $4,113.00
Centennial Apt. 2-Person: $4,970.00
Centennial Apt. 4-Person: $4,678.00

Meal Plans (Meal plans 1, 2 and 3 include 5 guest meals per semester)

Meal Plan #1: $3,226.00
  (Unlimited Meals & $50.00 in points/semester)
Meal Plan #2: $3,160.00
  (200 meals & $200.00 in points/semester)
Meal Plan #3: $3,024.00
  (160 meals & $250 in points/semester)
Meal Plan #4: $2,979.00
  (130 meals & $300.00 in points/semester)
Centennial Hall/Apartment Plan: $1,560.00*
  (60 meals & $800.00 in points/semester)
Commuter Plan: $799.00**
  (50 meals & $200.00 in points/semester)

*The Apartment Meal Plan is optional, and is available only for students residing in an on-campus apartment, including Centennial Hall.
**The Commuter Meal Plan is optional, and is available only for non-resident students.