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Studying abroad can be a major decision, so it's important to make sure you have all the accurate information about it! Here are some common misconceptions about study abroad:

“I can’t study abroad because…”

  • It’s too expensive.

When you study abroad with one of our Affiliate Partners, you end up just paying Saint Rose tuition (unless the program cost is higher in which case you would pay the difference). You will also maintain your financial aid, so all of your grants, scholarships, etc. will go towards your tuition abroad as well!

  •  My major won’t let me. 

Every major at Saint Rose can study abroad. Each student, regardless of their major, must take some liberal education courses, which are great to save for your semester abroad! If you receive permission from your department chair, you may also be able to take classes that will count towards your major. The earlier you talk to your advisors about your interest in study abroad, the better.

  • I won’t graduate on time. 

When you study abroad, you will receive Saint Rose credit as if you were studying right on campus! We work with every student to make sure that every class they plan to take abroad will in fact count towards their major or liberal education requirements. This helps to ensure that students, including those who study abroad, will remain on track to graduate on time.

  • I don’t know a foreign language. 

Many programs offer courses in English, even in countries where English is not the primary language spoken. Often times, students end up learning a lot of the native language anyways! You can also choose to study abroad in countries where English is the primary language, such as Australia, Great Britain, and Ireland.

  • I don’t want to study abroad for an entire semester. 

While study abroad is traditionally thought of as going away for an entire semester, that is not the only option! Saint Rose offers short term trips through Faculty Led Programs (FLPs), which allow students to have a 1-2 week study abroad experience in conjunction with taking a particular Saint Rose class. This is a great opportunity if you still want to go abroad, but not for months at a time.

  • Study abroad won’t benefit me in my future career. 

Study abroad can help set you apart on resumes, interviews, and graduate school applications. In general, study abroad can also help you become more culturally aware, while allowing you to gain and strengthen skills necessary for any workplace. Students also have the opportunity to volunteer or complete an internship abroad, which can provide you with a unique experience and great networking connections.