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Fall 2020 Restart Plan

The College of Saint Rose has announced its restart plan for Fall 2020. Visit the restart plan website for more details and FAQs. View Restart Information

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Welcome back!We hope that you had a wonderful experience, and hope that you are prepared to return to your studies and life here in the United States.

If you are wondering what other students naturally go through after returning from a semester abroad, many students encounter something called reverse culture shock at some point during their reentry process. It looks similar to the process some students encounter when first going abroad. The homecoming process sometimes looks like this:

  • 1. Excitement of returning home
    Food! Family! Friends! Your own pillow! The right laundry detergent! The American accent everywhere
  • 2. Questioning or judgment of home
    When I was abroad, this happened… and it was way better than here. Also, have I told you the story of…
  • 3. Recognition of change
    Wait… is this me? Am I really the same person? I don’t feel like I changed, aside from now I talk about studying abroad all the time…
  • 4. Reverse culture shock
    Why am I not there?! Where is home?! Why did I ever want to leave?! WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS!?
  • 5. Adaptation
    I can handle this. On an unrelated note, let me plan my next trip and Snapchat my old roommates …
How to stay involved

There are many ways to continue your intercultural experience on the Saint Rose campus. Contact our office at to inquire about upcoming opportunities. Activities can include:

  •  Becoming a conversation partner for English language learners
  • Participating in study abroad pre-departure orientations as a site expert
  • Volunteering on a study abroad panel
  • Creating a video or slideshow about your program
  • Blogging for the Center for International Programs about your experiences
  • Attending programming and meetings for the International Student Organization
  • Becoming a mentor for MOSAIC
  • Applying to be an international student orientation leader
  • Attending new student events and classroom visits as a study abroad representative
  • Joining reentry events geared towards study abroad students
  • Also, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed with the urge to share your study abroad story (or the challenges of returning home) we are here for you. Our door at 429 Western is always open!