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See what past study abroad students have to say about their experiences!


When you study abroad you meet so many people of different ages, with different backgrounds, and from different places that not only are you learning about the culture of the abroad place you are in, but you are learning about the many people you meet during your time there, and the friendships you make are fantastic!

Kiara Alicea, (Florence, Italy), Spring 2018

I have undoubtedly grown from my experience abroad. Not only do I feel I have a home abroad (I know the city quite well), but I have friends who I shared adventures and experiences with.

Julia Barden, (Dublin, Ireland) 2018

Just do it. That’s cliché, but literally sign up, apply, book your flight, and ignore the little voice in your head telling you can’t do it. When I was applying, and even as I packed my suitcase, I was terrified I wouldn’t make friends, wouldn’t like it and would want to come home. I have lived in London for a little over a month now, and I already don’t want to leave in December. You’ve got this.

Maya De Garay (London, England) 2018

Deciding to study abroad has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has given me the opportunity to learn about different cultures, travel around beautiful places, interact with people from different parts of the world, form long lasting friendships, and most importantly given me the opportunity to learn more about myself. The challenges have made me a better person ready to adapt to changes, and make the best out of anything. It has been life changing!

Meagan Hurley, Saint Rose Faculty-Led Program (China), Spring 2013:

Traveling all the way to China greatly opened my eyes to another culture I thought to be extremely different from the Western world. Yes, there were many differences but also similarities. I’m glad I got to see another part of the Earth because everyone should see that even though we’re all from various countries and cultures, we’re still all human beings that live our lives in different parts of the world.