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We all do it, search the Internet with symptoms or illness...what do I have? But, you can't always believe what you read! It's important to be certain you are going to reliable, reputable websites for accurate health information.

Some general guidelines are if a website ends in “.gov” or “.edu” and often “.org,” you’re on the right track. If you want to do a quick check of a site, go to the “About Us” link, find out who is providing information for the site and how often the content is reviewed. You may also find out how the site is funded: is it a sales and marketing site? is it sponsored by an educational grant? For medical information, choose non-commercial, education-based sites where the material is written by qualified medical professionals, referenced, and reviewed at least annually.

We are joining other colleges and universities in sharing this important health information about a new public health concern. Click for information for those who have recently traveled to China.