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The College of Saint Rose is pleased to provide all Undergraduate and Graduate Students with an optional comprehensive form of accident and sickness insurance. It is no longer mandatory that students waive the offered insurance.

A Health Service fee for all Full-Time Undergraduates and Graduate students is included on your statement of charges and entitles you to use the Health Center during their hours of service. The fee will automatically be charged to your student account. There are no additional fees charged for the care provided at the Health Center by our nurse practitioners, registered nurses, doctor and staff. The Health Center provides excellent care but is limited in the degree of health services available. Laboratory testing, x-rays, off-campus referrals and ambulance transport to an Emergency Room are examples of some services not provided by Health Center, and while the center can write prescriptions for medications, students need to fill the prescription off campus at a pharmacy of their choice.

We are concerned that many students may be uninsured, or not have adequate insurance in the Albany area due to restrictions or requirements to use participating providers or network. When a serious injury or illness requires attention by a medical provider or hospital in the Albany area, the expenses can create a financial burden no student should have to worry about.

Note: International students are required to participate in the Saint Rose insurance plan.  For further information, please see the Q and A document here.

If you need more information or assistance, contact our servicing broker Haylor, Freyer & Coon Insurance (HFC) at 1-800-289-1501; or visit their website at: