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In 2020, The College of Saint Rose will proudly celebrate our centennial. We look forward to highlighting and celebrating 100 years of tradition, 100 years of scholarship, 100 years of student outcomes, and 100 years of alumni success. We treasure the century of impact Saint Rose has made on the world around us, and we believe in the promise the next 100 years holds for this very special institution.

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100 Years, 100 Faces of Saint Rose

The College of Saint Rose will tell the story of its 100 years through the people who have made the College special. We will be featuring 100 stories in 2020 and are asking you to share whom you think should be featured.

We’re not only looking for individuals who made significant contributions to Saint Rose or left Saint Rose to do big things in the world. We’d also like to tell the story of significant moments in Saint Rose history – opening the doors to G.I.s returning from World War II for night classes or starting a computer science program – through the people who were part of that.

Share your suggestions using the form below. We also ask that you provide your name and email address so we can contact you with follow-up questions.

Enter Your Nominee for 100 Years, 100 Faces

100 Years, 100 Faces Nomination Form

Vote for the Centennial Logo

We asked you to choose a logo for the College’s centennial. Here is the winning design!

We’ll use this logo on all of our celebratory items, from the light pole flags along campus paths to notecards, advertisements, and videos.

We look forward to celebrating Saint Rose’s 100th anniversary with you!

Centennial Logo Design Winner