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Why Choose Saint Rose for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science?

In the bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science, students develop a thorough grounding in the fundamentals — programming, database management, software engineering, networks.

Then, go on to study topics that range from forensic computing, to mobile programming, and game design.

At The College of Saint Rose, students are more than just a number — we know them individually.

Class size is typically 20 students, held in computer labs, and students have one-on-one access to faculty.

The program is flexible for both traditional and nontraditional students. It also offers great internship opportunities.

The program and courses are updated frequently to keep up with the myriad of changes in technology, including new course offerings in System Administration, Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies, Big Data, Advanced Databases, and also multiple courses in Cybersecurity.

Learn like a boss.

Earn a bachelor's and master's in four years.

In addition to our traditional bachelor's degree Saint Rose now offers our 2-in-4 program, which allows students to save time, money, and get ahead by earning both their bachelor's and master's in four years.

Explore Computer Science 2-in-4 Programs

Program Highlights

  • In addition to the traditional BS in Computer Science degree the Computer Science Department offers a BS/MS Dual Degree option.
  • Exceptional students of superior academic ability have the opportunity to accelerate their degree progress. Students can earn their BS in Computer Science, and also earn their MS in Computer Information Systems.
  • Software Engineering Capstone course that simulates what it is like to be a Software Engineer in the real world.
  • Saint Rose graduates have a high rate of job placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

A common career path for computer science graduates is software development. Other common careers include information technology, web developers, software engineers, system administration and systems analysts.
The computer science degree also opens the doors to careers in business and higher education.

A bachelor’s in computer science typically takes four years of full-time study to complete.
Graduates can move on to careers as software developers and engineers but may choose to continue their education to receive their master’s degree.
The College of Saint Rose offers a 2-in-4 accelerated degree program, allowing students to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four years.

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Course Requirements, Faculty, and Learning Objectives

  • Apply fundamental principles and methods of Computer Science to a wide range of applications
  • Apply mathematical and scientific reasoning to a variety of computational problems
  • Design, correctly implement and document solutions to significant computational problems
  • Analyze and compare alternative solutions to computing problems
  • Design, implement, debug and test software systems that meet specified design and performance requirements
  • Work effectively in teams to design and implement solutions to computational problems
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

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