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Cybersecurity degree students working at a computer

Why Choose Saint Rose for an Undergraduate Degree in Cybersecurity?

Have you always loved computers (and kind of like the idea of fighting crime, too)? As reports of personal information being stolen from major corporations dominate the news, cybersecurity has bubbled up as an in-demand career field. In 2016, there were over 200,000 cybersecurity jobs unfilled in the U.S. and 1 million worldwide. Because cybersecurity is in-demand in any corner of the world, you’ll have your pick of where you decide to work and live, whether it’s in New York City or the other side of the globe. With average annual salaries in the field of $116,000, or $55.77 per hour, you can combine the rewards of helping protect national security with a paycheck you can be proud of.

Unlike other cybersecurity programs, this Saint Rose degree is strictly focused on cybersecurity, with a strong foundation in computer science, criminal justice, and business. Rounding out your degree are interesting courses in psychology and mathematics (you don’t have to be a math whiz for this degree, but you should have basic knowledge of the subject). Research and writing also play a role. So if you love computers, but consider yourself a well-rounded student, this program is the right fit for you.

Our small class sizes – no more than 20 students in each course – are the ideal way to learn these skills. And at Saint Rose, one of our strengths is helping students develop those “soft skills” that are highly sought after in the business and technology worlds, which means you will leave us knowing how to communicate your ideas, work well in a team, and operate in diverse office settings.

Learn like a boss.

Earn a bachelor's and master's in four years.

In addition to our traditional bachelor's degree Saint Rose now offers our 2-in-4 program, which allows students to save time, money, and get ahead by earning both their bachelor's and master's in four years.

Explore Cybersecurity 2-in-4 Programs

Program Highlights

  • In addition to the traditional BS in Cybersecurity degree, The College of Saint Rose offers a BS/MS Dual Degree option. Exceptional students of superior academic ability have the opportunity to accelerate their degree progress. Students can earn their BS in Cybersecurity, and also earn their MS in Computer Science or Information Technology.
  • Expert faculty members equipped to produce highly skilled and competent graduates who are prepared for industry or graduate school
  • Opportunities to present a cybersecurity plan for a case study at various showcases and conferences
  • Located next door to the New York State Assembly, New York State Police, major hospitals, and several colleges – perfect for internship opportunities and hands-on learning experiences
  • A train ride away from major cybersecurity hubs where jobs are flourishing, such as New York City and Boston