Design@Work: The Karene Faul Alumni Show

June 2-July 29 and September 8-16

June 2 and September 8, 5-7PM

The exhibit features printed media, web design and video by 14 alumni of the College’s renowned graphic design program. Participating are Scott Bartley ’92, Brian Billow ’91, Robert Comire ’06, Dyanna Csaposs ’01, Janna Czepiel ’15, Whitney Dobladillo ’15, Phil Giarrusso ’13, Alicia Hallett-Chan ’06, Kelly Holohan ’89, Emily Jahn ’11, Tim Nerney ’95, Ron Pucherelli ’98, Melina Smyres ’01 and Michael Vamosy ’93. The exhibit is named for Karene Faul who served the art department for more than 40 years, 27 years as department chair. Open First Friday, September 1, 5–9 p.m.

Michael Vamosy, Preacher on AMC, on-air teaser spot

Lectures at the Esther Massry Gallery

The Gallery hosts numerous lectures by artists, curators and other prominent figures in the art world. Check out the YouTube channel of recent and past events!

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