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Senior Show 2020 - artworks

2020-2021 Gallery Exhibitions

  1. Class of 2020 Art & Design Exhibition
    Dates: August 31—September 26, 2020
    This group exhibition is a culminating capstone experience and a high-point in the Class of 2020 students’ studies at the College. All of the works combine critical inquiry with current aesthetic issues. Painting & Drawing and Sculpture students from the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Fine Arts studio art degree programs present selections from cohesive bodies of artwork based on independent research and the development of a unique and personal visual language. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design graduates present comprehensive theses that highlight their ability to visually communicate and creatively problem solve using the language, platforms and applications of their discipline.
  2. Engage: Artists in Visual Dialogue
    Dates: October 9–November 21, 2020
  3. Earthly
    Dates: January 22-March 20, 2021
    Earthly is a group exhibition bringing together works addressing themes of regeneration and fecundity as related to our physical and intellectual existence. Interrelated aspects of life, death, and renewal inform the choice and juxtaposition of artworks. Rather than taking a literal approach to nature and its cycles, Earthly will invite viewers to explore the regenerative via abstract and organic pathways and intersections.
  4. Senior Show
    Date: April 9–May 1, 2021
    The exhibition of advanced work by candidates for Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees enrolled in the Center for Art & Design’s Graphic Design and Studio Art programs.