March 24, 2018 – The Saint Rose Camerata Concert 4: Season Finale

SHOW – 7:30 p.m.


Description: Saint Rose Camerata Season finale celebrates the end of the 15th season with a collaboration between faculty, students, and guest artists. The program includes jazz inspired works including Pocket Size Sonata by Alec Templeton and Darius Milhau’s masterpiece La création du monde for 17 wind and string instruments.


  • Pocket Size Sonata for clarinet and piano by Alex Templeton
  • Alphabet City Cycle for soprano, violin, and piano by Georgia Stitt
  • Duet for electric guitar and cello by Andew McKenna Lee
  • La création du monde by Darius Milhaud


  • Suna Gunther, soprano
  • Jamecyn Morey, violin
  • David Bebe, cello
  • Paul Evoskevich, saxophone
  • Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough, flute
  • Sue Kokernak, oboe
  • Bruce Roter, clarinet
  • Lenore Snow, clarinet
  • Susan Loegering Daves, bassoon
  • Victor Sungarian, horn
  • Eric Latini, trumpet
  • Jay Stoltzfus, trumpet
  • David Wampler, trombone
  • Mark Foster, percussion
  • Dan Foster, piano
  • Andrew McKenna Lee, electric guitar
  • Robert S. Hansbrough, conductor

Student Performers:

  • Sarah Dworjan, flute
  • Ali Genevich, violin
  • Daniel Hoke, bass
  • Eugene Lorini, tympani

June 9, 2018 – Albert Cummings

SHOW – 8:00 p.m.



This widely respected bluesman and his trio – performing their hits, past and present.

Entertaining audiences from his phenomenal guitar work to his incredibly impassioned lyrics and overall songwriting prowess – one thing has certainly become clear about Albert Cummings’ music:  He is far more than just the guitarist or the bluesman he’s often painted as by fans and the media alike. He is an incredible guitarist, singer and gifted songwriter.

A masterful guitar player who burst onto the blues rock scene in the early 2000’s and almost immediately began gaining praise in that realm.  On this tour, he’ll play songs from his latest release, Live at the ‘62 Center.  This album demonstrates his qualities as a true artist, a versatility singer/songwriter and an amazing live performer.

Like many greats before him who’ve been painted into a corner as merely great blues players, or guitar players, or singers – Cummings seeks to rise above these labels and be praised for the devotion to his overall craft as a true musician. In artist terms – he’s sought to be known for the overall pallet of his music, rather than one specific color. From greats like Eric Clapton to the more recent stylings of John Mayer, his artistic integrity has allowed him to focus on the big picture, writing songs from the heart rather than catering to his specifics strengths as a singer, guitarist, or bandleader.

Thank You to Our Valued Partners Who Helped Make this Season Possible