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Wendella Wilson - Seamless Transfer

The Ease of Seamless Transfer with the Private College Experience

If you’ve already completed an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, you have a big head start: With our seamless transfer program, you can automatically meet all of our liberal-education requirements, which means you will spend all your time here focusing on the requirements for your major!

Combined with our caring, expert faculty and small class sizes, that adds up to an intensive, meaningful learning experience that gets you started on your career that much sooner.

Who qualifies for seamless transfer?

  • Students who hold an Associate’s Degree in Science (A.S.) or an Associate’s Degree in Art (A.A.) from a SUNY institution
  • Students who have a bachelor’s degree from a SUNY institution
  • Students with an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) or Associate in Applied Business (A.A.B.) may be eligible to receive the same benefits after a course-to-course evaluation is completed at Saint Rose*
  • Any other students who has met the SUNY General Education requirements at their SUNY institution*

*To find out, send your GETA report along with your transcript(s) to our transfer team

Reach out to a member of the Transfer Admissions Team to see if you qualify!

Seven Questions to Ask When Transferring to a New College

We narrowed down the most important questions to ask to ease your anxieties and ensure you’re getting the transfer experience you deserve.

Download our one-sheet guide to learn what you should be asking when you transfer.