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When you transfer to Saint Rose, you do not just register for classes, you become part of our community. Each year, 300 transfer students enroll here and bring with them diverse educational backgrounds that enrich and strengthen the overall academic experience for our students.

Transfer Application Deadlines

As part of our efforts to welcome transfer students, Saint Rose provides:

  • Guaranteed acceptance for students who have completed an associate’s degree (A.A. or A.S.) at an accredited institution and who have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above.
  • A team of professionals that helps guide transfer students through everything from admission to financial aid to academic advisement.
  • Articulation agreements with community colleges that help transfer students complete their bachelor’s degree in four years.
  • Dual Admissions Programs with Community Colleges
  • Scholarship awards based off of a cumulative GPA analysis of an applicant’s collegiate record.

No matter where you started your education, you will graduate here with a degree from one of U.S. News and World Report’s top “Regional Universities (North).” Apply Today.

Academic Based Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum number of credits that can be transferred to Saint Rose is up to 70 credits for students who have attended two-year colleges and up to 90 credits for students who have attended four-year institutions.

All students must complete a minimum of 122 credit hours in order to graduate.

Visit the Transfer Equivalency Database for information on transferring courses from local community colleges. In addition, once you are accepted at Saint Rose and submitted official transcripts from all colleges previously attended, you will receive a Transfer Equivalency outlining the ways in which your credits have transferred.

You can see how your transferred credits apply towards your degree by logging in to the Secure Site and viewing DegreeWorks. In addition to viewing DegreeWorks, you can also consult the Saint Rose Catalog for a listing of requirements under your chosen major. Transfer Courses without exact course equivalencies at Saint Rose are transferred as electives in the appropriate subject area. In many instances, these electives may be used to fulfill liberal education requirements. If you would like to see how your credits would be applied toward a different major or concentration, please login to the Secure Site, view DegreeWorks, and select “What If” in the left column.

The liberal education requirements can be found in DegreeWorks and can also be found in the Saint Rose Catalog. There are 41 credits in liberal education required for all majors and they are designated as L01 – L12. In addition, American Studies and Communication Sciences & Disorders majors must take two courses in the same non-English language (for example, two Spanish courses OR two courses in sign language). These courses will satisfy the Study of Foreign Language and Further Disciplinary Studies requirements. Finally, there are additional liberal education requirements for Accounting, Business Administration, Childhood Education and Special Education/Childhood Education.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office. We will look into your concerns and make changes in DegreeWorks if applicable.

If your major is one of the following: Art, Music, Biology, Business, Communications, or Education, then yes, you have to choose a concentration. The available concentrations to choose from are listed in the Saint Rose Catalog under the appropriate program.

The course you took may not have been listed on the copy of your transcript sent to the College. Always be sure to send the most recent copy, especially after a semester in which you took classes has ended. Also, the only courses that appear on your Transfer Equivalency are one’s which have received a letter grade of C- or higher. Credit is not given for independent studies or internships taken at another college. Also, the College does not transfer in remedial coursework or courses that were taken for zero or .5 credit.

If you wish to make any changes to your Transfer Equivalency, it is your responsibility to make an appeal at the Registrar’s Office. When making an appeal, bring a copy of the course description and syllabus with you. The College retains the right to change the Transfer Equivalency if corrections are required or if a degree program changes.

The most effective way to ensure you have the best course availability is to attend one of our earliest Transfer Advisement Days. Our first session for new transfer students is held at the same time our current students are registering. Once you send in your enrollment deposit, you will receive your invitation to Transfer Advisement Day. Be sure your health and immunization forms are in and you should be all set! Like all colleges, we cannot guarantee you a seat in a specific class. Classes do fill up as the start of the semester draws closer. However, you and your advisor will work together to be sure your first semester at Saint Rose is a productive one. It is possible to add courses to your schedule after you register at Transfer Advisement Day. You will have received your alternate PIN from the advisor with whom you meet on Transfer Advisement Day allowing you to login to the College of Saint Rose’s Secure Site to make adjustments to your schedule. Class availability may change daily, and can be monitored at Course Listings.

Yes. To access information regarding your registration status, go to the college’s Secure Site. This is also where you can add or drop a class during the Add/Drop period

Non-Academic Based Frequently Asked Questions

Become involved! The College of Saint Rose’s Student Association currently has formed over 30 student-run clubs on campus. These clubs fall under a variety of student interests, such as the arts, athletics, academics, and many social groups. In addition, throughout the year, the Office of Student Life coordinates many exciting programs for students, such as the Fall CLASSIC, a weekend retreat that focuses on leadership development and community building. To learn more about many great programs and clubs on campus, check out Student Activities. Better yet, if you’re on campus, stop by the Office of Student Life, located on the 1st Floor of the Events & Athletics Center, to learn about the most current activities planned for students on campus!

Another great way to meet people is by participating in Community Service opportunities. Check out Community Service to learn more about Community Service at the College of Saint Rose.

Also, become a fan of “The College of Saint Rose Transfer Students Page” on Facebook to stay up to date on events for transfer students on campus!

All undergraduate students taking 12 or more credits have the option of enrolling in the College’s student health insurance plan through Haylor, Freyer, & Coon Insurance. If you would like to learn more about Health Services at the College of Saint Rose, visit; Health Services.

New York State Law requires all students born on or after January 1, 1957 and registering for six or more credits to prove immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. All students registering for six or more credits must submit an Immunization Record and Report of Health History. Resident and international students must complete an Immunization Record, Report of Health Evaluation and Report of Health History. The corresponding forms are available at Health Services.

Disability Services at the College of Saint Rose serves students with disabilities on campus. Students are encouraged to contact the office at (518) 337-2335 early in their first semester to set up an appointment with the Office.

Yes! For a full listing of Scholarships please visit the Transfer Scholarship page.

Veteran students constitute an integral part of the total student body at The College of Saint Rose. Department of Veteran Affairs benefits are available to all veterans and their family members who qualify, including tuition assistance, $1,000 a year book stipend, and a housing allowance based on the cost of living in Albany. Saint Rose is excited to also participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Students receiving Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, at 100% eligibility, will receive additional Yellow Ribbon benefits, covering the full cost of tuition!

More information is available by contacting Teresa Goodman, Assistant Registrar and Veteran Certifying Official at (518) 458-5366 or You can also visit Saint Rose’s Veterans Information or

Yes! While the College of Saint Rose cannot guarantee that on-campus housing will be available, we encourage all students interested in living on-campus to check out Residence Life for information about on-campus availability; or, for further assistance, contact the Office of Residence Life at (518) 454-5295.