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HYA Kids in Touhey

The Help Yourself Academy at Saint Rose receives 24 3rd grade pupils each year from our neighbor public school, Pine Hills Elementary School. The 24 pupils are invited to remain in the Academy through high school. Now serving 85 ethnically diverse, “free or reduced lunch” (i.e., economically disadvantaged) pupils from Grades 3-5, the goal of the Academy is to nurture from an early age the children’s aspirations to attend college. Though the children are broadly defined as “at-risk”—for example, some children are from recent immigrant families, reside in group settings for children without family, or have experienced trauma, all have demonstrated to their teachers some promise for success with added academic and social support. The Academy employs two main strategies: it provides children with engaging instruction (e.g., use of manipulative materials, discovery methods, problem-based learning) in science or math 2 days per week throughout the academic year to boost children’s academic performance in school; and, provides each child with his or her own college student mentor who bonds socially with the child and encourages learning, motivation to achieve, and college attendance. The “Lead Teachers” are our graduate assistants, and the mentors are volunteers. Our program evaluation indicates the children’s report grades and standardized test scores in science or math improve within two years of Academy attendance, and their public school teachers consistently report excellent homework performance, in-school behavior, and motivation to learn.

For Fall 2017: October 16 – December 6, the days for the Academy are as follows:

  • INFORMATION: 3rd – 5th Grade to meet Mondays and Wednesdays;
  • LOCATION: St. Rose Campus

To assist you in contacting us if there is an issue or concern with busing in the future, we are outlining our usual procedure, which has worked well in the past and listing telephone numbers of the bus company and the college.

HYA Procedure

4:10 – Call Durham Bus Company to discover whereabouts of bus
4:30 – Call parents

Phone Numbers

Durham Bus Company – (518) 598-0600
The College of Saint Rose – School of Education Office –(518) 458-5388

Help Yourself Mentor Sign Up Form

Help Yourself Academy Sign Up