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The College Experience is a two-year residential non-credit certificate program hosted by The College of Saint Rose in partnership with Living Resources. Through The College Experience, students with intellectual disabilities can practice living independently, make friends, intern at area businesses and become part of a diverse campus community.

The College Experience group photo from graduation 2014

The program launched in 2005, and remains just one of a handful of academic programs in the nation that serve the developmentally disabled population after the age of 18.

Program Objective

The objective of the program is to give students with intellectual disabilities opportunities similar to their siblings and high-school peers. These students have the chance to live away from home and attend college in order to transition to independent adult life, but with accommodated instruction that addresses students’ needs for practical living and working skills. All students in The College Experience obtain an internship in their 2nd year personalized to their skills and employment interests.

The College Experience logo

For more information please contact Colleen Dergosits, Admissions Coordinator at 518-218-0000 Ext. 4625 or visit their website: